Month: June 2013

How to Factory Reset your iPhone 5

Need help with that gorgeous phone of yours? When the discussion is all about a lovely iPhone 5, people generally tend to be all ears. The youngest baby of the iPhone series is packed with goodies to die for. Retina Display, some new photography effects, it’s USP the one and only iOS and many more.

New Facebook Hashtags in Your Online Marketing

A new commitment from Facebook to it’s zillions of users says that the search for a particular discussion or a detailed conversation on specific topics has been made easy. People have been using this tiny search command on Twitter since the very first day of its existence. And it always got mixed reviews of being

Top 10 Free iPhone Applications 2013

Apple’s App store is pouring with free apps, some of them are great but some of them are worthless. So here is a list of top 10 iPhone Apps that you may like to put in your wish list and have it after reading this. Recently, with the evolution of iPhones, it’s supporting apps have

How to Use Facebook Graph Search in Small Business

Whether a Start up or a Small Business their marketing strategy always has a social media budget to apply to get best reach with such a dynamic platform, and then came the Facebook Graph Search which changed the way of searching our interests be it people, products, services, restaurants, grocery stores, spas or anything, on

How to merge two google plus accounts

I will name it Google Dilemmas. Why? Because firstly we created a Google plus accounts with our address. Then came the option where Google disclosed the support of G+ for Google apps; this put us in a dilemma that, whether we should use Google plus accounts with our Gmail ID or should we register G+

Essential Social Media Tips For Bloggers

How do you conclude or find out the reach of your Blog posts with Essential Social Media Tips For Bloggers? Are your posts getting popular and giving you the traffic your blog needs? How do you promote your own blog? The answer to all these questions is the only platform that takes your blog to

Best Android Apps For Bloggers

It’s a well known fact that Best Android Apps For Bloggers are now equally active on their android phones and hence to become able to post a new blog post or reply to the comments via their phones is important for them to save time and this also gives them mobility of action and choose best

Why you should switch to Windows Live Writer

If you are a frequent blogger or are going to be one, you must have found out about Windows Live Writer while you were researching for blogging tools and apps. Windows Live Writer is an application developed by Microsoft which helps you create and manage blog posts. The best thing about it is that you

Top 10 Android Mobile Applications

Google Play has a bulging belly of Top 10 Android Mobile Applications with around 700,000 of them now, literally more than the Apple App Store after putting up a great competition and the results are aboveboard. But it seems pretty impossible to choose from such a huge market for apps of your interest. Besides the fact that

How to Increase Sales Using Facebook

Increase Sales Using Facebook Marketing and Sales have unlimited tactics that can be followed or new tactics that are innovated every now and then. Though there are books around us that tell about how to increase sales and filled with content telling the rules of marketing which eventually ends up in sales, but there is no