Month: July 2013

How to Start Blogging for Lead Generation

Generally it’s true that Bloggers are a bit of introvert nature and the agenda of getting more traffic is always dependent upon the blog posts you publish because if your post is of low quality even promoting it over all media channels won’t help bring people to your blog. While you blog you completely indulge

How to Save A Wet Cell Phone?

I believe that most of us have definitely experienced this, falling of their cell-phone in puddle, sink, bathtub, maybe your kid drowned it in a bucket full of water etc. This really makes us sad because we all love our mobile devices because of it being amongst the most personal thing we have and yes

How to Send Money Via Gmail

And then it’s truly said that Google has it all. After the launch of another useful service called Google Wallet, it has started sending invitations to try the new version of Google Wallet. This is an awesome service by Google which is used to send and receive money online via Gmail. The invitation has been

How to Make Money Online by Blogging

Are you that person, who dreams of earning money by blogging because it is so much in the trend and you need to make some extra money? If so, you are not alone in this. Today everybody who is an enthusiast and wants to earn more can do so by establishing a blog where you

HTC One With Android 4.2.2 update: Let’s Have A Look

HTC One has kept taking rounds of popularity since it’s very origin, with all the updates and versions. While going through this firstly I also took into consideration, the Sense 5 and how it works with android 4.1.2. Although Sense 5 has become a big step when it comes to functionality and visuality over it’s

What Is Pinterest?

As a matter of fact there is no doubt that Pinterest is already famous, but still sometimes, people are found looking for a face to become the source of introduction to this social media platform when asked about it in deep. A perfect definition explains Pinterest to be a great Social Media Website but there

Google SEO Image Optimization: 5 Tactics Unleashed

We all know the importance of images but less people have taken into account that images can drive tons of traffic to your website or blog. Images prove to be an asset when it comes to organic search results and search engine optimization. Pictures can drive traffic and also is shown in the search results

All about The New BlackBerry Z10

The most important question arises after the comeback of BB is, will it deliver what it’s tasked for? Formally known as RIM, it’s now been renamed as BlackBerry Z10 to run it’s new operating system BlackBerry 10. It’s not just about making money but to craft a great and better comeback for company’s survival in

How to set your Vine account to private

Earlier when Vine, a video creating service by Twitter was launched it lacked the feature of making those videos or even anyone’s profile private. Vine, the service let’s you create a six second video and share it with your friends. The most important feature missing was that there was nothing like marking your videos private,

How To Promote Your Blog For Free?

The most important factor that strikes our mind, even before starting our blog, is to bring traffic. Will people read what I am sharing on my blog? How will I get my blog known? What are the platforms that I can use to promote your blog? This is the first series of questions to pop