Month: November 2014

Top 5 Alternatives of Skype VoIP/Phone Service

The Skype, which is now Microsoft owned company is famous for its free video chat, but also a service provider of inexpensive VoIP functionality but, Skype is stopping the internet based calling services like delivering calls on landline and mobile phones in India from November 10, 2014. If you are travelling outside India then you

How to download Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail is becoming popular name on every tech-savvy people’s mouth. Today I am going to share you a step by step procedure of How to Download Inbox by Gmail. The Inbox by Gmail is a new email client not intended to replace Gmail. If you want to distinguish between the Inbox by Gmail

How to Manage your files in Android using FTP ?

The FTP is the abbreviation of File Transfer Protocol. Basically the file transfer protocol manages the files on some set of rules which helps in managing the communication between the computers on a network. We can understand it like this, the FTP client none another than a software that is used to transfer the files

How iPhone is better than Android ?

iPhone and Android both have tremendous popularity among the mobile users. As per ratio the android has gained a rapid ground between the mobile users as it has diverse versions are available in the market for all users. The android is the true competitor of iPhone. Various ranges are available according to users price comfort.

Top 5 Ways to Increase the Popularity of your Android App

In the neoteric days, the Android is getting tremendous popularity and earning a very good response in the world of smart phones. There are myriad of apps that are built for android few are free and paid. It is very profitable to make the android apps although people prefer free apps more rather than paid