3 Apps for Mobile Language Learning

In this age of Android Smart phones nobody actually finds time to kill because you are already busy on your phone whether working or not. Interests vary for an android phone user depending upon your priorities. This one’s for those who have an ear for languages and want to learn different languages can do so with their android mobile. There are available several websites which can teach you languages of your choice, but now while everybody wants to access the virtual world on their phone, I bring to you a tiny list of 3 best android apps that can easily teach you languages from beginner level to mastering them. Let’s have a look.


Duolingo has a Euro-centric language selection where you will find Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and German as choices. Besides teaching you a new language it has another wonderful feature which sends reminder mails and notifications to your device regularly. No worries, if you get irritated with these reminders they can be disabled too. This app heavily focuses on Grammar and also has vocabulary sections with picture matching like other applications. While using Duolingo, you will have to put together entire sentences starting from the first lesson, even if you weren’t able to learn all the words needed to form that sentence. Unfortunately there is no tablet version available in the market but till now the best part is that it’s makers have announced it’s being free forever, lets hope it stays that way.

Babble Mobile For Android 

Babble’s language packs, most of them, 3000 vocabulary words but you will still need to download loads of data to complete the pack. Another great feature says that the vocabulary section has been divided into certain categories, for instance if you need to know vocabulary related to body (for medicine people) or vocabulary related to any other niche or phrases related to day to day communication, you can go straight to the category. The makers of this app also provide speech recognition (so you can learn the proper pronunciation) and an offline mode. Babble Mobile is available on both phones and tablets but it has got a certain drawback too, each language pack is considered as a separate app which can stuff your mobile or tablet and can crowd your application menu a bit but if you want to are learning multiple languages at once it may prove helpful as it can provide quick access to your preferences.

Rosetta Course

This is supposed to be the best in language learning software category and as the most recognized brand name in the niche. This app provides with best options and also provides complete demo of this app to justify the value for money. The early language lessons the primary focus is on word and picture matching along with a masculine and feminine article determination, where ever applicable. The speech recognition feature keeps an eye on your pronunciation and makes sure that you are not insulting someone’s mother tongue. The best part about this app is that it possesses large language selection from where you can learn multiple languages with the demo app. This eradicates the fuss of installing/uninstalling an app time and again.

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