3 reasons why you should start your mobile marketing with SMS

What comes to your mind, when you hear the term “mobile marketing”? QR codes? A mobile website? Smartphone app?

While these may be the primary thoughts that strike your mind, but there is more to mobile marketing. What about good traditional text messaging? You are well aware of Bulk SMS or text messages and probably you used it at least within the last 45 minutes.

Why start with SMS?

Here are three great reasons:

  1. Cost-effectiveness

It is not new that in many marketing departments today, money is not very easy to get. Coming up with the budget for a mobile app even for a single platform is not easy. Creating a mobile website, depending on the scope, size and content management system is not affordable either. In addition, getting a website alone is not enough; you need digital marketing services to promote it to reach out to your target audience.

However, when it comes to text message marketing, it is very pocket friendly. You just need a smart messaging service and you are good to go. Usually, these service providers charge depending on the number of subscribers or messages in your database.

  1. Huge audience

When a lot of efforts and money are invested in a marketing campaign, all one wants to see at the end of the campaign is “good numbers”. As SMS is available essentially on every phone, and used by almost all smartphone users, you will have the best opportunity to reach out to a huge audience and create a largest opt-in database.

Almost all other mobile marketing technology has a default “audience limiter”. Like, if we talk about mobile website then one needs an HTML capable phone and broadband access, apps on the other hand need a smartphone, QR codes also need a smartphone with QR reader installed. The more things your consumers needs to take part, the smaller the count gets. But, when we talk about texts or Bulk SMS, then it is a default feature even in the most basic and cheap phones. And with open rate of 97%, you can be sure of your widespread reach. Even you can use transactional sms service to send text to your stock market customers or to students in any school.

  1. It will create scope for other strategies as well

At the end of any SMS marketing campaign, there will be a database of most current mobile phone users (the people who took call of action). So, if in future you plan to launch a mobile website or an app, you can easily send out a text and tell them about it.

They have already interacted with you earlier so there is a good chance that they would be interested in another too. Instead of relying on the app store or mobile searches to bring traffic you can create that primary burst of action on your own. Isn’t it a lot simpler way to bring traffic to your new website?

We hope, now you agree that text messaging is a good place to start mobile marketing. So, wait no more and find a reputed mobile messaging service today to get started.

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