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Free Google tools

We often overlook the potential of Google’s free tools that are rolled out continuously in the market to help us keep our blog and website live. You may be the owner of a great website and dance around the city about its being great but if you do not study and research all the statistics and regularly keep a check on your site’s health then it can go all wrong in an instant. You need to know that Google itself provides almost all the utilities that you need to study to keep track of well being of your website or blog. Here is a list of top 4 Google tools that are absolutely free, available online and user friendly.

Google Webmasters Tools

This the most popular ever tool by Google which is a must for everyone who has a website online. This tool helps you in diagnosing any issues happening on your site. Issues like losing traffic, 404 pages etc. You also need to help Google in understanding that which search queries is your website is best suited to, with the help of Google Admin Tools. This will help you in getting a detailed overview of queries, impressions and clicks coming to your websites within your website. This process will help you understand the browsing behavior of people.

best free google tools

You definitely want to know which pages of your website are performing better and optimize it according to the results. Now, you can do this easily with the Webmasters tool. After you create new website pages and submit your Google Site Map you can use this tool to track which sites link back to those pages on your website and how many times it appears in the Google search. Analyze this data and optimize your strategy.

Google Analytics

This is tool that digs it deep in your website data and analyzes it. It’s a free tool within the Google Webmasters Tools. It provides standard reporting tools that are great for beginners because it makes it easy to understand and measure engagement across the site. But once you are a pro in using this tool then Google Analytics is great to be used since it lets you segment your visitors so that you can do detailing on the data and find out things that really matter. You can set goals, create custom reports and also find out your website’s Key Performance Indicators to know more about your site’s success.

Google Analytics

Google +

You may be thinking, that is Google Plus really a free tool? Yes it is. Whether you are a multinational, mediocre company or just a somebody writing a blog or owning a website from anywhere in the world, you know the value of social media. By promoting your blog or website on Google + you are exposing your content to millions of people who may be mesmerized by your content and are engaged to it constantly, as they are already subscribed to your social profiles like Google + profile. There are present even more user friendly tools to be used within Google +. My personal favorite is Ripples which helps you to know who are the major influences in your circle who share your content and also tells you who and how many people share your content, this way you can plan a strategy for your content sharing.

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Google Authorship

This is among the newest of free tools especially for bloggers. Nowadays, if you are keen enough and are a pro blogger you can find out that Google shows a thumb-shot image of the author of the blog post when searched for one through the search engine giant. This shows that authors have actually devoted their time to gain and maintain a Google Authorship Account. By following few instructions you can have this account for your blog and ensure that it shows your small image besides your every post which is being searched through Google search and with this you will stand out from the crowd that still has to have a Google Authorship. Your author rank as well as your authorship account both are bind with your Google + profile, so you might wanna experiment with your images on your profile.

Google tools

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