4 Easy Processes to Stop Spam Comments in Blogger

This tutorial is all about How to prevent stop comments in Blogger. If you are fed up of spam comments on your blogger blog than you can do these easy steps to get rid of Spam comments in blogger’s blog.

Blog commenting is one of the phenomenal way to boost your traffic and build link for our blog. Many newbie bloggers took the blog commenting for granted and started spamming on blogs in the form of comments by inserting links in their comment body and leave low quality comments which affects the quality of our blog.

Problems occur due to spamming:

There are two major problems due to spamming:

  • You get irritated because of irrelevant comments.
  • It consumes your precious time read all the unwanted comments.

If you are eager to build back links for your blog through blog commenting so try an appropriate way using the quality comment options like Commentluv, Keywordluv enabled blogs. If you want to gain genuine dofollow back links then take profit of your energy, do submissions as guest blogging. I will suggest to all newbie do not add your link in the body text of during comment.

What is the role of Moderation in Blog Commenting?

If we desire to prevent our blog from unwanted comments, the first option that we look upon is Moderation. We can set the comments on moderation before they appear on our blog posts. Is Moderation actually the best operation? The blog commenting system should easy and user friendly. Many blogs put the option of captachas and moderation to stop their spamming comments which makes the commenting lengthy. The readers are valuable assets of our blog and their easiness for commenting must be on top priority.

The bloggers want below features in their blog:

  • You can stop comments from auto publish.
  • Only quality comments get approval.
  • New post that should be free of moderation helps to increase the blog traffic.
  • With instant approval, readers attracts towards your blog.
  • Readers will be more active on your blog.
  • And any spam comment can be deleted by a single click.
  • If you want the all above features on your blogger blog then you should follow some simple steps.

Stop the spam commenting in Blogger

Just go on Blogger blog after that, click on Settings.

stop spam comments from blogger
stop spam comments from blogger

After that, click on Post and Comments.

stop spam comments from blogger
stop spam comments from blogger

In Comment Moderation setting under Comment Section choose Sometimes.

stop spam comments from blogger
stop spam comments from blogger

Enter number of days in the text field. Like if you want to set moderation on posts which are older than 1 day, then type 1. The number of days can be chosen according to your choice.

Now click on Save Settings.

stop spam comments from blogger
stop spam comments from blogger

So here you have setup the setting to prevent the blog from spam comments. Now you can approve those comments which you found good for your blog and for readers as well. The main motto to write this post is to ignore spam commenting on other’s blog. Even if they like your comment on their post they will also give the feedback to you.



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