5 Chrome extensions for YouTube addicts

We all have got a bit of addiction for getting our daily dose of watching videos online of course on YouTube. Most of the times we face certain difficulties in watching these videos, like slow streaming, quality changing to low and more. There are available almost all types of videos available on YouTube to serve your curiosity in all niches. So to watch videos of your particular interest without any disturbances Google Chrome Comes bearing Extension Gifts.Want to make your viewing experience on YouTube even better then you should keep reading this further as I am going to explain 5 best Google Chrome Extensions that will make your YouTube video watching experience pleasant.

  1. AutoHD For YouTube – This is amongst the most useful extensions that Chrome provides for streaming video on YouTube. YouTube has got a setting which chooses the best quality for your player size and connection. Then comes the HD option which can be forced to turn on when you move to full screen and it’s recommended that you should not apply it for all regular sized videos. I know that it’s irritating to click the icon every time you want to watch a video in HD, instead try this extension which shows videos in 720p or 1080p, whenever available.

  1. Turn Off The Lights – This works just like cinema halls. When you go to watch a movie the lights are turned dim or completely down so that you can focus on watching the movie with complete involvement. Same is the case with this extension. Chrome offers this one to help you watch videos on YouTube without distraction by dimming the light on the screen for the other areas but video screen, to avoid the list of videos and daunting ads that appear aside the video window.

  1. YouTube Smart Pause – This is absolutely true that whenever you think of indulging in a YouTube Video something pops up from another tab like FB message or a download completes or you have to do some urgent work and you have to switch tabs. To do so you first need to pause your video and then move to the other tab. How about an automatic service that pauses your YouTube video while you switch tabs? Yup, the Smart Pause extension is available at the Chrome store, add it and see the magic. It is not necessary that you want to pause each and every video and that it’ll happen if you install this add on, there are also controls available to switch it on and off as per your requirement. To do so you can use a quick keyboard shortcut that is Ctrl + Alt + Y for windows and Command + Option + Y for OS X.

  1. YouTube Lyrics By Rob W – This add on is at your service to fulfill your rock star fantasies, meaning you want to sing along with the video playing on your YouTube account but have to find out the lyrics opening another tab, no you don’t have to. This add on helps you learn songs with lyrics. YouTube incorporates lyrics with the video and you get to see both in a single shot. Isn’t this cool!

  1. You Turn – Another very handy and lightweight extension add on for enhancing your YouTube experience which is designed as the most easy and useful one. Sure you want to watch certain videos repeatedly, I am not just mentioning fun videos but there may be some Tutorials or webinars you need to see again and again for reference. To do so, You Turn allows you to keep the video in loop so that you can watch it again. Install it and you will have a tiny icon on your screen with which you can toggle the feature on and off.

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