5 Things You Should Know Before Go To Dubai


Dubai is the desert area which means you should prepare your luggage as per the weather. This place has both part advanced future and past historical memories which attracts all age person and make them understand why Dubai is the best place for vacation. If you want the same experience then you should also visit here once in life and experience all-new lifestyle of Dubai people.

You get most popular brands for the different platform at one place such as clothes, laptops, smartphones, sports cars, foods, and even the replica wonders of the world in Dubai which makes people so crazy to see it first. Dubai is a very wealthy city if we compare to the London or New York because the PR agency maintains the city every situation as it weather or tourist increases. In the shot, Dubai is the totally magic of heaven that makes you visit again and again.

1# Make a checklist before visiting Dubai:

Dubai is one of the famous destinations which welcome millions of tourist around the world, because of the fame and glamour at high peek in Dubai. You should search those place which you are personally interested in because most of the time the place left behind and trip finished. Search on the internet for the best place in Dubai and make your checklist, so can see complete Dubai during your trip. This will not happen in one trip because every time Dubai is increasing something new and your list of place in Dubai also elaborate. If you are vlogger, then you can also buy the best camera for YouTube under $200.

Some famous place that can make you to see the real Dubai are Burj Khalifa, Burj Al-Arab, Palm Island, The Dubai Mall, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Creek,The Dubai Fountain, Wild Wadi Water Park, Ski Dubai, Madinat Jumeirah,Dubai Gold Souk,Jumeirah Beach, The World Al-Nastaliya,Aquaventure Waterpark and many more that will not end your one time trip to Dubai.

2#Look at flights six months ahead:

Dubai has the very busy flight due to its tourist attraction and connecting flight, so if you decide to visit Dubai then you should make the plan before six month and connect with your flight. And if you booked your flight before six months then you will get the ticket at the cheapest price which means that the saving + enjoyment together.

#3 Don’t just give your taxi driver an address:

Taxi is the cheap transport facility and easy to reach the destination in Dubai city, most of the driver is not familiar with the whole Dubai areas which they pretend and take you somewhere else to increase the meter rent. And never make the same drive for the whole trip and providing your number, staying address or other information because most of the driver are not the local people they came from another destination to work as a taxi driver in Dubai.

4#Visit between October and April:

Dubai is surrounding with the three sides of the hot desert and one side is Sea, so that why you get only the hot or hotter season. If you love the beach weather then it’s better to go in between October to April which gives you the real beach life in Dubai. You will also get the rainy season which stays for a short time, so there is no need to add some factor effect on your travel dates.

5#Book your hotel months in advance:

Dubai is on high alert for the tourist which is also the disadvantage for most of the people who does not know to book your hotel online months before landing at Dubai airport. If you reached and go directly to Hotel for your personality stars to get the room then this is your big mistake because most of the time hotels are full. This is happened due to the tourist and business attract in the Dubai.

Bonus Tips – Help For Safe Trip To Dubai

Some bonus point will help you to avoid the illegal activities as per the law of Dubai and take the good memories from Dubai.


Recently a British citizen was imprisoned for sharing charities of refugees in Afghanistan on his Facebook page, so be careful with the social media. They have now the strict cybersecurity laws act in 2012 that marked government, Islam or people to Dubai is subject to imprisoned.


In Dubai, the real age of drinking is 21, so drinking is available in the specific zone. If anyone is drinking anywhere outside then that person must have the alcohol license. So it better you drink only in club and bars.


Electronic citrates and vita is illegal in Dubai, almost if you are at the border of the Dubai or in the city you will be arrested.


In 2013 an Asian man was arrested for filming one local UAE Citizen was beating the Indian driver on the road and traffic stop. You should avoid local incidents like a national disaster, building fire or anything that confiscation the city.


Any type of financial proms can make yourself in imprisonment in Dubai so clears your all bills time to time. Bills include check bouncing, nonpayment of a bill, hotel bills or any other consideration as a financial crime.


UAE is a pretty conserved country it is legal or you can also get fine jail or deport.


While you are in Dubai, so you must definitely avoid public display affection because of offensive to the culture especially for unmarried strictly forbidden which make both of the impression.


Ramadan is the holy festival which comes for one month in a year, so most of the restaurant is closed in the daytime and some are open but you need to ear in hidden areas. If you eat in the open area in Ramadan then this means you disrespect their culture.


Photography on government is prohibited as well as filming other people without their permission, especially in beach areas. The man has been arrested for that but you can take pictures at the beach without focusing the women on the beach or someone complain about you.


This is more about the disrespecting emirate people, the government and people are modes resting about the wearing in public place or relax around beaches. There is a sign of respectful clothing in most of the areas in Dubai.
In 2010 a British woman was arrested because she was cast argue with Arabic women regarding her shoulder, there was a bikini strip showing in her shoulder and shoulder down in shopping mall. She was arrest for three days after all the charges were withdrawn.


Dating in Dubai is pretty tricky for man and women, even staring for long is also considered as illegal. Which is punished by a fine or even by a prison which might seem like a double standard but the actual means for this law is to respect women in Dubai no matter where you belong.

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