6 Surprising Ways To Live On Your Wedding Day

wedding day

Wedding Day is the most crucial Day of everyone’s lives. We want our wedding day to be perfect and full of love. We are going to take the wedding vows and the two souls would become one on this special day. Giving gifts has become very common so here we have some really great and sentimental ideas you can do to surprise your partner who would even melt their hearts and their eyes will pour with tears of joy.

Boudoir Photo Shoots

Hire a photographer and let him secretly take wonderful candid pictures of your beloved. Plan this well in advance. Many times get her dressed up arrange candle light dinner at home and ask the photographer to take the advantage of the moment and capture wonderful shots. You have to be cautious that she doesn’t come to know of this whole idea. Once you have enough pictures shortlist them according to your partner’s choice and get them edited by the photographer. You can gift these pictures of boudoir shoots to your beloved on the morning of your wedding. This would really surprise them.

Plan a Moment Away

You can organise your wedding at a really beautiful place because once you guys are married, you can go to any nearby place and spend some time together a date like idea. You can arrange the venue beforehand and get the place decorated. Her favourite cuisine or dish, wine and a desert would be more than enough. What really important is the lone time you guys will get together on this special days, you can even exchange some talks that you weren’t able to do due to the presence of so many people in the wedding. This would be very appreciated by your partner as you have organised it very well for being together for very little time.

Surprise with a Hamper in their Room

Weddings are highly crowded affairs. You can hardly get any space together all alone as you are always around some or the other people. If you are amongst those unlucky ones who are going to come to the venue from two different places than you can ask anyone to deliver a hamper containing the entire special treats your loved one craves. You can also order cake online and deliver it to the place they are getting ready. This hamper could contain macrons, champagne, burger, ice cream, their favourite snacks and coffee. To make these hampers exclusive write some notes on it with your handwriting to make them feel so special.
Organise a Groom’s Cake

If you are the groom you can organise a bride’s cake and if you are the bride vice-versa. Sometimes everything doesn’t go as we have planned it, so for making it even we can go for different ideas. If you feel like the interior of the wedding venue is not like your partner wanted to be and you couldn’t see them stressing about it plan something unique and surprise them so that their thoughts get deviated from that thing. You can order wonderful naughty boys themed cake for the wedding and cut it along the wedding cake. From the photos of your partner’s bachelorette you can customize the cake which would reminisce their happy days.

Contact Their Favourite Celebrities

It is so common that every guy has a man crush and every girl has a woman crush on their favourite celebrities. Also all of us wish to meet them once in our lives. So what could be more amazing and special than their presence in our most crucial day our life? If you are the one with big contacts in the fashion industry, try contacting and inviting your partner’s favourite celebrity to your Wedding. You can also ask them to perform on your wedding if they accept this proposal this would be the cherry on cake for your beloved.

Organise a Surprise Trip

Let your partner be uninformed about your post wedding trip. Surprise a wonderful mini trip to nearest location where you guys can spend some quality time together. There you can make a Gift Basket Delivery for your loved one to surprise them even more.
These are the surprises you can use to make weddings more special .People gifts or surprises their loved ones with wonderful presents on their wedding. Also to express your love and affection to your life partner you give them something valuable on this day to make it memorable.

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