Top 6 WordPress SEO Plugins Everyone should use

In this post, I am going to provide you the best 6 WordPress SEO plugins which will be helpful for you. The WordPress SEO plugins that I am mentioning is the combo of premium and free listing. These WordPress SEO plugins will also be very much beneficial for your blog.


Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Blog

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugins

Yoast is the free and most beneficial WordPress plugin for SEO. Using Yoast you can optimize various aspects of your blog which are as follows:

  • Social SEO
  • Create Sitemap file
  • Add Meta value for homepage
  • Add Meta value for Single post
  • Control indexing of blog
  • Easily edit robots.txt and .htaccess
  • Even you can leave the use of all in one SEO plugin as it contains various features like Robots Meta, RSS footer.

Social SEO Pro Plugin

Now a days Social SEO or we can say SMO ( Social Media Optimization) is getting high popularity. The Yoast has various features but lacks due to some features that must be present in WordPress blog. Using the Social SEO Pro the traffic on your blog gets hiked by 20% to 30%. The Social SEO Plugin pro page will guide you to use this plugin features. The most attractive feature of this plug in is you can write different titles for every social networking site.

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Broken link checker Plugin

Broken link Checker plugin is the most beneficial WordPress SEO plugins for your blog as it can easily recognize internal and external broken links (404 links). These 404 links are dead links for search engine spiders and it is necessary remove all the broken links. I would suggest you to run this plug in on low traffic day as it might freeze your hosting for a while.

SEO Smart links WordPress plugin

SEO smart link WordPress plugin is beneficial for automatically link your words to any post link. This is seminal for on page optimization. Before using this plugin just aware of Google linking algorithm and you can also try WordPress insight plugin.

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SEO friendly Images

Images also play a vital role in SEO and run a important amount of traffic from image search engine. The ALT attribute plays a significant role. This plugin add ALT attribute into your images. Although you should take care of image name. You should give image name as with related topic not as image 006.jpg or img 002.png. Give each image a particular that introduces the topic so that Google bots can easily recognize about your images.

Some more WordPress plugins that are useful for Wodpress blog are as follows.

Google XML sitemap plugin

This plugin is broadly use for generating sitemap of your blog but you can use Yoast plugin instead of Google XML plug in. As Yoast also have all features All in one SEO so you can replace All in one SEO by Yoast. Robots meta also be replaced by Yoast plugin. So Yoast plugin contains three plugin features in one.

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Hope these plugins will be helpful for you. In case of any query, you can ask me in comments.r

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