An Awesome Trip Guide of Delhi

India’s capital city and a place that takes an entire lifetime to see. I can spend weeks and weeks here but still, some or the other place remains unexplored. Just when you think that you have explored everything in this city, you get attracted to a new food joint or a flea market or a cultural program near India gate. It looks as if I have “barely started to scratch the surface”. Sometimes, I feel it’s impossible to try and see all the places. Many travelers come from around the globe for a week or month trip and try to check out the highlights of this beautiful (crowded as well) city. If you are planning a trip to Delhi, here’s is my suggested list of the itinerary for a 3-day visit to this bustling city.

Day 1:

Spend your first day visiting the grand beauty called “The Red Fort”. Built in 1638, the Red Fort is an epitome of Mughal era in India and a marvel made up of red sandstone. The Chhata bazar and evening light and sound show (every day) are the special attractions of this place apart from its magnanimous walls and historical museum.
Also, you can plan your brunch in the famous Paranthe-WaliGali nearby this grand fort as it is hard to miss the whiff of oil and aroma of spices when you are visiting Delhi. Deep-fried in desi ghee, these paranthas can make your senses scream. Leaving you no choice but to give in with temptation, these golden-brown paranthas can also make you smile if you are a foodie like me.

Day 2:

Use your day two to see Delhi’s most popular museums and haats. They will take hours to visit and it’s a good way to spend a day knowing about this city and the varied cultures. With the theme set up of a traditional village, Delhi Haat is situated near INA and run by Delhi Tourism Authority (DTTDC). It has been preserving and nurturing the traditional crafts of India. Artisans and craftsmen from all over the country gather here to showcase their talents and sell their handicrafts. And for the guests, there are plenty of options when it comes to food. It offers savory cuisines from all over in an open food plaza. Qutub Minar also located in Delhi so you can visit there also in your trip.

National rail museum, with a collection of over a hundred exhibits of trains from Indian railways, is one of the coolest places to visit in Delhi (especially when you are with kids). Working and static train models along with signal parks and equipment are the main attractions. A toy train is the “show-stopper” for the kids (adults too can take a ride on it).

National Rail Museum
National Rail Museum

Another wonderful place to visit in Delhi is Shankar’s Doll Museum. The museum has an exclusive collection of beautiful and mesmerizing dolls from all around the globe and from different eras. Nevertheless, the museum is worth seeing and I spent more than three hours looking at all the dolls.

Day 3:

Spend your third day walking near and around the glorious India Gate. It is one monument that defines “Hamari Dilli” (Our Delhi). Built-in 1931 as a war memorial for martyrs of World War I and war in Afghanistan, India Gate has names of the martyrs engraved on its walls. The structure looks glorious and ever-amazing in night lights. The gardens, lining the memorial are a must visit among sight-seeing places in Delhi.

Other places to visit in case you extend your visit:

Spend another day by checking out latest fashion stuffin street markets of Delhi. There’s a lot to see here and you can cover a good whole day (or even two) wandering around the flea markets and street shops.

Pallika bazar, an underground market located near Connaught Place can house around 15,000 people at a given time. With 380 shops selling electronics and clothing items, it is one of the best places to visit in Delhi for shopaholics. Moreover, you can bargain as much as you can.

Talking about flea markets and leaving Sarojini Nagar Market and Lajpat market is not what I am in a mood to do. These are one of the best places to shop for accessories and clothes at throwaway prices. From a gorgeous pair of earrings to a branded (yet in the budget) dresses for a party- you can get all here.

Sarojini Nagar Market and Lajpat market
Sarojini Nagar Market and Lajpat market

‘HamariDilii‘ has a charm of its own. Every place you will visit has a past and will tell you a new story. Discovered yet unexplored places in this city will take your mind away and will make you want to spend another day here. You just don’t want to miss this ever-hustling bustling place. So, do visit and book hotel in delhi with OYO Rooms.

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