Best Android Apps For Bloggers

It’s a well known fact that Best Android Apps For Bloggers are now equally active on their android phones and hence to become able to post a new blog post or reply to the comments via their phones is important for them to save time and this also gives them mobility of action and choose best android apps for bloggers. The market is already flooding with thousands of applications for smartphones with android operating system and hence users have got a lot of options to choose from according to their specific need and taste.

Best Android Apps For Bloggers

With the technological evolution of such impact every blogger wants to be a pro to express their researches, personal content, professional content so on and so forth with making it count in the blogging world use of Best Android Apps For Bloggers . For this they need to stay in touch 24×7 with their blog to monitor growth and relish in their contribution with which they want to make a difference. To be present all the time bloggers need to look at some awesome Best Android Apps For Bloggers designed just for them to use and take utmost benefit out of it. Here are some of the Best Android Apps For Bloggers that every blogger should consider.

Best Android Apps For Bloggers

Here Best Android Apps For Bloggers at below:


A term in no need of any introduction, is the most commonly used blogging platform with loads of features. WordPress provides compatibility with wordpress blogs that are self hosted and also the blogs which are on, which allows bloggers to generate, edit and post new blog posts and also helps in comment moderation. With this application its easy to publish photos and videos taken from the smartphone you are using. Do it then and there and enjoy it anytime anyplace.

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This is an extraordinary Best Android Apps For Bloggers explained as a micro blogging social community where people post small bites of their experiences with content, photos, quotations, videos and more. It’s really easy to choose themes to personalize their micro blog according to their taste and content. Scheduling of posting and replying to posts is also a great feature along with a specialty of managing multiple blogs with help of this app. Your address book will also show Tumblr blogs of contacts.



Although it possess lesser features than wordpress, still it is frequently being used because of it’s simple and not at all complicated design. With its simplicity it’s very easy to create and edit blog posts on phone.



This is an app with a social media appendage, which makes it is easy for a blogger to create and publish blog posts and also send updates to Facebook account and Twitter handle via your phone. This is a totally free app. It’s amazing because of features like managing ads, scheduling posts and view click-through stats via your phone.

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Having an app like is the wisest decision since every blogger needs to correct or edit spellings and other mistakes which generally happen while writing content. We end up confused many times with spellings and certain phrases, so need not worry just get app on your android phone and search for synonyms, antonyms, meanings and whatever you need for your blog post to make it great.


LiveJournal is an app for those who love being on a travelling spree or are great journalists. This application makes it real easy to manage posts, comments and other editing jobs. This app can be perfectly termed as your mobile adventure collection which you can access comfortably via smartphone or tablet.


Photo Editor

To make your blog posts look lively you attach and publish relevant pictures with it. Here comes an android application which provides you the feature of publishing photos with your blog post on-the-go. Just click pictures according to your write-up, edit it then and there accordingly and schedule it to be posted with your post. Do whatever you need to with the pictures like edit, crop, resize, enter text or logos or other things into it and get ready for an awesome experience.


SwiftKey Keyboard

Yes, it creates a fuss when you face typos while writing on your smartphone with those tiny little keyboard buttons. With SwiftKey keyboard app it becomes easy to handle such problem since it not only auto corrects errors but also provides word predictions according to your past usage. Another feature says that you can even ask it to choose word predictions based on your usage of such words on Facebook, twitter and Gmail.



This is the most recently launched android app by Flipboard. This app can best be used to get fresh new ideas for your new blog posts. How? This app lets you browse through Facebook, Twitter and G+ updates and Google reader feeds in a specialized flipping manner. It also amalgamates and assists in bringing together meaningful stories for those who are very busy to go through every story or article. Get this app, get news daily which brings to you newer and fresh ideas to create your stories.



If you are earning through your blog it is very important to get Ganalytics on your smartphone to check the usage of your blog. GAnalytics is an app version of Google Analytics which helps you in monitoring the traffic performance of your blog wherever you go. Its absolutely free and very user friendly.


So above we provide you Best Android Apps For Bloggers which is common for every blogger that he want to use blogger in their Android Phone. If you have any more than tell us about more Best Android Apps For Bloggers.

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