How to Block Ads in Android Games, Apps and Browsers

Today I want to share some useful information for android users who gets irritated when all of a sudden advertisements disrupt their monds while playing games, running apps or browsers. Here i wanna share “How can we block ads in android games, apps or browsers“.

All android users do the use of myriad applications of android; download various games, apps, wallpapers whether it is free or paid. But the question that arises: How the creators of these applications get paid? The ads are answer of the question. These Ads are the source of income for numerous people.


But many times we get irritated when this pop out several times during the use of apps or playing games. These Ads makes us annoyed as we have totally focused towards the apps or games and all of a sudden user saw an unwanted app interrupting the user experience interface with their apps. If you have faced the same circumstances and finding for solution; we have the key for this condition that will block these unwanted Ads during the use of apps, games or browsers for android and non android platform. There are innumerable softwares for blocking the Ads. Here I am providing one of best and popular software for blocking these flurried apps and the ways to Block apps in android.

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AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the most prevalent ad blocking extension software which blocks the annoying android Ads even it can block the tracking also. Adblock Plus was created by Wladimir Palant in 2006 after that, Eyeo was founded in 2011 to make its evolution sustainable. The main key functionality of AdBlock Plus that makes it unique from other is working compatibility with Rooted and Non Rooted devices. Adblock Plus can be used for higher version than 2.1 of android.

Few Simple Steps to install Adblock Plus

Step 1:

Firstly, Go to Settings> Security and click on the “Unknown Sources” then click on “OK” for confirmation of changes.

Step 2:

Now click here to download Adblock Plus.

Step 3:

Now click on Run the APK file which is downloaded.

Step 4:

Finally, install the app.

Here if you have rooted device then you have to grant super user permission to the application, however if you have non rooted device then you have to perform some more easy entailing steps. You can set more choices alike ads filter lists, non-intrusive ads etc in settings.

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After configuring all your settings, then you will notice the icon of Adblock Plus on the notification bar. Finally, you have done the all the process of installing and configuring the Adblock Plus.

Simple steps to install Adblock Plus for Android Firefox Addon

Adblock plus is mainly a browser software extension. For the fast access of web pages you can use Adblock plus also.

Step 1:

Firstly, you have to add adblock extension in Firefox browser and get the android browser. Run the browser on your device then go to Adblock plus add-on. Add it to Firefox and the install the set up.

Step 2:

Now restart the Firefox and enjoy the ad free browsing. You can also add up more options by going into Menu> Adblock Plus and configure the option.

Few extra Adblocking Android softwares for you:


If your android device has the rooted platform then AdAway will be the prominent option also widely accepted and have the capability to block ads.

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AppBrain Ad detector:

AppBrain Ad Detector is multilateral android app to bestead users in detecting annoyances such as push notifications and privacy concerns. Also tell users about the apps contain ads.

NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite:

Noroot Ad-remover Lite is also adblocking app approved by Google play without rooting platform required. It blocks some specified Android games such as Temple Run, Angry Birds, FruitNinja and much more.

So guys, these are few ad blocking softwares to block ads in android that I have listed above. Hope that this post would be plumy for you. For any queries or difficulties regarding these softwares, you can ask me in comments.

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