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How to get an ideal Nutritionist

Often we are marred with a lot of health related problems, so much so that we find it difficult to align ourselves with the rapidly changing lifestyle, over 80% of India’s population is either obese or underweight, and obesity results in heart attacks, high blood pressure and various other problems. Therefore it is important to

How iPhone is better than Android ?

iPhone and Android both have tremendous popularity among the mobile users. As per ratio the android has gained a rapid ground between the mobile users as it has diverse versions are available in the market for all users. The android is the true competitor of iPhone. Various ranges are available according to users price comfort.

Top 5 Ways to Increase the Popularity of your Android App

In the neoteric days, the Android is getting tremendous popularity and earning a very good response in the world of smart phones. There are myriad of apps that are built for android few are free and paid. It is very profitable to make the android apps although people prefer free apps more rather than paid

How to Block Ads in Android Games, Apps and Browsers

Today I want to share some useful information for android users who gets irritated when all of a sudden advertisements disrupt their monds while playing games, running apps or browsers. Here i wanna share “How can we block ads in android games, apps or browsers“. All android users do the use of myriad applications of

Top 5 Android SmartPhone Apps

Android SmartPhone Apps are growing strong on the Smartphone front and hence the market is flooding with unlimited supplies of user friendly apps. Smartphones come with some great native apps which can directly contact the OS and needs no container to run it. The new generation smartphones are being developed with excellent native or traditional apps,

Best Android Apps For Bloggers

It’s a well known fact that Best Android Apps For Bloggers are now equally active on their android phones and hence to become able to post a new blog post or reply to the comments via their phones is important for them to save time and this also gives them mobility of action and choose best

Top 10 Android Mobile Applications

Google Play has a bulging belly of Top 10 Android Mobile Applications with around 700,000 of them now, literally more than the Apple App Store after putting up a great competition and the results are aboveboard. But it seems pretty impossible to choose from such a huge market for apps of your interest. Besides the fact that