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How to Download Videos from Video Sharing Sites

Here I am going to depict “How to Download Videos from Web”. Nowadays everyone wishes to download videos from the internet to watch them later or share them from some popular websites like YouTube, Google Video, Daily Motion, MetaCafe and many more related sites. In today’s era, video sharing becomes much popular among social networking

How Does Google Work?

Can You confidently say that your daily research for anything and everything has nothing to do with Google? I don’t think so not in the world since after Google was born. Today every search starts with Google because now Google has come so far that it becomes practically impossible for everyone in the world to

How to Run Google Glass on Android device

You must be aware of Google Glass now that a lot has been said about it. How about getting to experience it’s OS on your android device? Sure you would want to try this. No matter what you think about Google Glass a little bit of curiosity is always there about how it works? You

How to install Android apps on your BB10 phone

It’s pretty easy to sideload famous apps on your BB10 device. No matter how many new updates Blackberry brings or employ new hardware, it still can’t convince that it’s usage is not complicated any more. The biggest hurdle that is still on is no access to quality apps. Even the Blackberry promoters and BB faithful

How to access My Maps on Android after Google Maps update

Last month Google started rolling out the new Google Maps Updated version. While the app is still reaching Android users, complaints have started to their rounds. Two main issues have risen with this updated version viz. the offline caching has become very complicated and people lost access to My Maps. But thanks to Google for

How to create a website?

You must be thinking that after coming this far in the digital industry, why am I talking about a tutorial about how to create a website. But trust me every now and then we all need to return to the basic so that we can keep our mind clear of all the confusions popping up

How to Embed Instagram photos or videos on your Website?

Instagram recently announced that now photos and videos can be embed on your website easily and smoothly. Here is how to do it and also the reason behind wanting to do it. Finally, Introducing How To Add Web Embeds Overdue for a long time, Instagram finally rolled out the web embedding for content on Instagram

How to save offline maps in the new Google Maps application

How about the thought of getting directions or location from Google Maps without even having an internet connection? Cool isn’t it! It has been made possible by Google in the last month. You can now save parts of the map you searched for your offline use. You just need to zoom in on the location