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How to Start Blogging for Lead Generation

Generally it’s true that Bloggers are a bit of introvert nature and the agenda of getting more traffic is always dependent upon the blog posts you publish because if your post is of low quality even promoting it over all media channels won’t help bring people to your blog. While you blog you completely indulge

How to Make Money Online by Blogging

Are you that person, who dreams of earning money by blogging because it is so much in the trend and you need to make some extra money? If so, you are not alone in this. Today everybody who is an enthusiast and wants to earn more can do so by establishing a blog where you

How To Promote Your Blog For Free?

The most important factor that strikes our mind, even before starting our blog, is to bring traffic. Will people read what I am sharing on my blog? How will I get my blog known? What are the platforms that I can use to promote your blog? This is the first series of questions to pop

How to Write Unique Blog Content

The most challenging part that a blogger faces is a great Write Unique Blog Content for your blog. Content creation is not just a piece of cake unless and until you become a pro blogger. Sure you do know and have read a lot of about ‘other activities’ say blog promotion, advertising, doing a lot of SEO etc.

How to Get Free Thousands of Subscribers with Content Syndication

Content Syndication generally means sending or providing content in a chosen format to people through subscription, delivered directly into mail. This may be just a sort of campaign with a link to the original presentation of a series of a course module, blog posts, podcasts, white paper, ppt, videos etc. But, the most important thing

How To Perform Quick Keyword Research For Your Content Marketing

Compelling content has always been favored by search engines, but if you are not concentrating on the words and phrases that people tend to search a lot and are actually interested in, then you are missing a lot of traffic. Keyword research is a fundamental part of online marketing like the building blocks of a

How to backup your Google Docs files

It is a common habit among the employees in any office, to save their data on cloud which is definitely a good habit. To keep your data on cloud gives you the power of using it from anywhere any time with a mobile/laptop and internet connection. This doesn’t go on a space capturing spree on

How to Factory Reset your iPhone 5

Need help with that gorgeous phone of yours? When the discussion is all about a lovely iPhone 5, people generally tend to be all ears. The youngest baby of the iPhone series is packed with goodies to die for. Retina Display, some new photography effects, it’s USP the one and only iOS and many more.

How to Increase Sales Using Facebook

Increase Sales Using Facebook Marketing and Sales have unlimited tactics that can be followed or new tactics that are innovated every now and then. Though there are books around us that tell about how to increase sales and filled with content telling the rules of marketing which eventually ends up in sales, but there is no