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How to Run Google Glass on Android device

You must be aware of Google Glass now that a lot has been said about it. How about getting to experience it’s OS on your android device? Sure you would want to try this. No matter what you think about Google Glass a little bit of curiosity is always there about how it works? You

How to access My Maps on Android after Google Maps update

Last month Google started rolling out the new Google Maps Updated version. While the app is still reaching Android users, complaints have started to their rounds. Two main issues have risen with this updated version viz. the offline caching has become very complicated and people lost access to My Maps. But thanks to Google for

3 Apps for Mobile Language Learning

In this age of Android Smart phones nobody actually finds time to kill because you are already busy on your phone whether working or not. Interests vary for an android phone user depending upon your priorities. This one’s for those who have an ear for languages and want to learn different languages can do so

How to Save A Wet Cell Phone?

I believe that most of us have definitely experienced this, falling of their cell-phone in puddle, sink, bathtub, maybe your kid drowned it in a bucket full of water etc. This really makes us sad because we all love our mobile devices because of it being amongst the most personal thing we have and yes

Why you should switch to Windows Live Writer

If you are a frequent blogger or are going to be one, you must have found out about Windows Live Writer while you were researching for blogging tools and apps. Windows Live Writer is an application developed by Microsoft which helps you create and manage blog posts. The best thing about it is that you