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Top 5 Alternatives of Skype VoIP/Phone Service

The Skype, which is now Microsoft owned company is famous for its free video chat, but also a service provider of inexpensive VoIP functionality but, Skype is stopping the internet based calling services like delivering calls on landline and mobile phones in India from November 10, 2014. If you are travelling outside India then you

Top 10 File Sharing Sites

Tired of managing, sending large files through your email box? Hereby I am going to share Top 10 File Sharing Sites for sharing your content among the web. Now it’s time to switch towards large data file sharing sites which will be proved as “virtual vehicle” for handling large amount of data files. There are

Tips for navigating the new Google+ stream

Google Inc, recently announced the all new redesigned Google+ at the I/O developers conference. The newly designed Google+ is loaded with great features and most importantly, a completely new Google+ stream, which to some point matches with Pinterest. Here are some tips to navigate the all new Google+ stream. Have A Look At Search Box,

Paid Social Media Endorsement Will Work

Sure we all know about campaigns running all over the social media spaces be it Facebook, Twitter etc. and also the work around about how these ads are placed – according to relevance and preferences. While some people think that why spoil such great social platforms by doing social media endorsements, others think that it

How to Embed Instagram photos or videos on your Website?

Instagram recently announced that now photos and videos can be embed on your website easily and smoothly. Here is how to do it and also the reason behind wanting to do it. Finally, Introducing How To Add Web Embeds Overdue for a long time, Instagram finally rolled out the web embedding for content on Instagram

5 Chrome extensions for YouTube addicts

We all have got a bit of addiction for getting our daily dose of watching videos online of course on YouTube. Most of the times we face certain difficulties in watching these videos, like slow streaming, quality changing to low and more. There are available almost all types of videos available on YouTube to serve

How to Send Money Via Gmail

And then it’s truly said that Google has it all. After the launch of another useful service called Google Wallet, it has started sending invitations to try the new version of Google Wallet. This is an awesome service by Google which is used to send and receive money online via Gmail. The invitation has been

What Is Pinterest?

As a matter of fact there is no doubt that Pinterest is already famous, but still sometimes, people are found looking for a face to become the source of introduction to this social media platform when asked about it in deep. A perfect definition explains Pinterest to be a great Social Media Website but there

How to set your Vine account to private

Earlier when Vine, a video creating service by Twitter was launched it lacked the feature of making those videos or even anyone’s profile private. Vine, the service let’s you create a six second video and share it with your friends. The most important feature missing was that there was nothing like marking your videos private,

How to Disable Email Notifications on Google+

Yes, it’s kind of daunting and irritating to continuously receive email notifications on G+ while you are doing some important work on the social media front at Google+. Though it’s no rocket science to disable email notifications on Google+ but anyway you are going to Google it for the sake of saving time. And it