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3 reasons why you should start your mobile marketing with SMS

What comes to your mind, when you hear the term “mobile marketing”? QR codes? A mobile website? Smartphone app?

While these may be the primary thoughts that strike your mind, but there is more to mobile marketing. What about good traditional text messaging? You are well aware of Bulk SMS or text messages and probably you used it at least within the last 45 minutes.

How To Improve Your Home’s Function

Looking to make your home a little more intuitive? While still yet to hit the mainstream market, today’s catalog of ordinary home appliances—gadgets that let you control what the temperature is or even let you watch your home security on you smartphone for when while you’re away on business—is rapidly improving. Today’s technologies are attempting… Read More »

How to Solve 8 Most Common Problems of Smartphones

Your smartphone, creating much trouble for you. The complaints from users are increasing about their smartphones. May be you are among those people who are facing the 8 most common problems of smart phones. No doubt, sales of smartphones are increasing day by day so too will the number issues found with these devices. Now… Read More »

Top 5 Free Screen Recording Software

The screen recording by the virtue of which you can easily capture any presentation, data sheet, video or games. By this you can make any video tutorial in few seconds. There is an available option of Print screen on the keyboard but the lagging point of this print screen is that it can capture only… Read More »