How to download Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail is becoming popular name on every tech-savvy people’s mouth. Today I am going to share you a step by step procedure of How to Download Inbox by Gmail.

The Inbox by Gmail is a new email client not intended to replace Gmail. If you want to distinguish between the Inbox by Gmail and Gmail then Inbox by Gmail is focused towards the email management approach as it clears the unwanted/aging email and customizes the necessary emails into ‘bundles’ in front of you. Te main motto behind the Inbox is keeps your email account clean and manages it in streamlined way. Inbox by Gmail is available as desktop and app interface both like Gmail.


Working Pattern of Gmail Inbox

To get the Inbox by Gmail there is concept behind this. You need an invitation to get the Inbox. The first way is you can be invited by someone you know and the second way is just email , ask for the Inbox application.

After getting the invitation mail must be present in your current Gmail account, all you need is to download the Inbox app from the play store or click here. For sending the invitation first time you must need the Inbox app for the authentication process. After downloading the Inbox app just sign in through the current Gmail Id or your device will automatically fetch your Gmail Id if you have Gmail hangouts and apps in your device. The initial authorization would take some time maximum up to two minutes during the first sign-in. After this you will get the information how the Inbox works? Now let’s talk about the some specifications of the Inbox.

Specifications of Inbox by Gmail

1. Speed

Not at all any issue over the speed of this app. Not even any lagging noticed on either the Desktop or the mobile app versions.. The expectation regarding speed is maintained by Google.

2. Features

As you all know that it is only an email client hence the features are limited. The Google+ and hangouts are integrated within it. You can easily use the synchronization with non google mail addresses. Easy and prompt access of the links, attachments either doc or images which is the most effective feature of the Inbox. But it is does not contain the delete option.

3. Theme

Theme is totally out of box to what we experience from the Google. Google notes are more efficient and task driven. Personally I like the theme.

4. User friendly

The Inbox is very user friendly as it totally customized according to the users need with having the speed up and clearing Email management which attracts the user the most. Due to it is the out of box theme and after using the Gmail from the several previous years, you can experience some trouble in using the functionality at the first attempt. After the first experience, you can use it very easily.

The Inbox offers very prompt service in cleaning and managing the emails. There are various features similar to the mailbox (Dropbox). Now have a look on the advantages and disadvantages of the Inbox by Gmail.

Advantages of Inbox by Gmail

  • Prompt E-mail management.
  • Integrated with hangouts and Google+
  • Quick access of Email content like images, attachments and links without need to open the Email
  • Disadvantages:
  • It will take some time to understand the working of the Inbox.
  • There is no true delete function.
  • App version is not so much developed compare to the desktop version.

So this was all about “How to download Inbox by Gmail”. If you have any query regarding this post, you can ask me in comment. Even if you find the post helpful you can mention it in comments.

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