Driving a bus and driving a cab: The difference in job profiles

Driving a bus and driving a cab: The difference in job profiles

So, you have done all that it needs to fully understand the skill of driving. You know all the traffic rules by heart, you understand all the do’s and don’ts, you know how to deal with things that come in the way of a good driver. You also have everything ready for finally pursuing your dream of becoming a driver by profession. So, now what? Well, even after everything seems ready, why do you fall into a dilemma when a choice comes your way- bus or cab? Does that mean you are not confident enough? Or does that say something about your lack of sincerity towards what you chose as a final career path?

Do not worry. It is none of that. No one is blaming you for anything or accusing you of not doing your ground work. It is obvious that you have done all that it takes to fully grasp the essence of this very industry. So, what could be the real problem? There is a simple answer to that. The problem is that you did not realise how different it is to drive a car or a cab for that matter, from a bus or larger vehicle like a truck. This is more than just size, mind you, so do not be mistaken that this is about your confidence regarding the driver jobs in Mumbai. The idea is to understand the key points that differentiate a cab driver from a bus driver, for instance.

  • Determining the fare

Whether you wish to hunt for cab driver jobs in Mumbai or bus driver jobs in Mumbai, you will always have one very important thing at hand- the fares. There is a huge difference between bus fares and cab fares as you might be aware. Now, once you get into this business professionally, you would also need to know the kind of fares and the whole system that makes driving cabs so different from driving buses.

If you decide to become a cab driver, then you should also be aware that the fares would either have to be decided by meter or as per the system that is being followed by your employer. One plus point in case of driving cabs is that you can expect additional tips from a very few happy passengers. In case of driving a bus, however, the fares are fixed as per the distance between stops. The whole procedure would be explained to you at the time you join or during your training process.

  • Transport routes

If you wish to drive cabs, then you will get to explore a lot. This is due to the fact that there are hardly any fixed transport routes and you will be ushering the passengers between places as they wish.

In case of driving a bus, you would totally love it if you are more of a routine lover. This is again because bus routes are fixed and depending on which route you are assigned, you would pretty much be travelling the same roads regularly.

  • The passengers

This is one of the most obvious differences. In case of cabs, you get to transport a limited number of passengers that the cab can accommodate. But if you are driving a bus then the number of passengers is way more depending on how big the bus is.

So, if you are still a bit confused about the kind of driver jobs in Mumbai that would suit you more then you can easily go for a test drive and see what you enjoy the most. That way you would also get to experience the real feel of the vehicle that you would be ultimately driving.

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