Facebook announces Video on Instagram

Facebook announces Video on Instagram

Facebook brought forward another great feature, an app that has already touched hearts of million and that’s Instagram. At a press event at Menlo Park Headquarters of Facebook, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom announced that Facebook’s Image sharing subordinate Instagram will now allow users to take and share short videos.

Systrom’s exact words “This is the same Instagram we all know and love, But It Moves”.

A maximum of 15 seconds and minimum of 3 seconds video can be shot. It also allows the users to do multiple cuts with features like new filters and an image stabilization feature called cinema to remove the shakiness which always pose as a common problem whenever videos are shot with mobiles. This feature is basically meant to keep shots steady, while shooting with a mobile phone. Systrom Says that it can be used by Instagram’s already 130 million users from the day one and they can easily start shooting videos and share moments to cherish them. Videos on instagram are available right away on iOS and Android but only to those android users running Jelly Bean or higher android versions. The demo presentation of this feature was impressive at the event.

Although Zuckerberg made it a quick speech with a short and sweet ending, saying that “ at Facebook our mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected” and then he passed the mike quickly on to Systrom.

On this, Systrom then stated that people asked him, what is Instagram when they first joined Facebook, and then said that when he thinks what Instagram is, he thinks about moments and visual imagery. Systrom then told that Instagram’s 130 million users have shared over 16 billion photos so far and more than 1 million likes are posted every day. He also informed that Instagram was firstly developed in 2010, the original features were location, videos and photos but to make a wonderful photo sharing app we kept videos aside for later.

All users need to do is tap the movie camera icon displayed on screen to enter the video mode and then they may take videos of 15 seconds clip by clip. Also the movie button can be pressed and kept on hold to capture video and release to pause the capture to resume later, like Vine. Another option that has been provided is that users can delete individual snippets to re-record the clip, and can also switch between front and back facing camera. According to Systrom, 13 new filters have been created for video offering and also that members can choose cover frame for display. But, the game changing feature of Instagram’s new features list is CINEMA, which grooms members’ 15 seconds videos by cinematic stabilization.

With the release, This app faces competition with Twitter owned Vine which weaves together teeny weeny clips into looping 6 second small movies something like animated GIF video clips. Vine has claimed over 13 million users within two months of it’s launch which has become the most wanted social media tool by celebrities and brands. Video Technology has been stated as a difficult one to execute and incorporate as tools and apps on different platforms, many apps came and fell in the oblivion because they had no experience of doing it the right way.

The launch of Instagram Video app debuted 6 months later of Vine, but the promising speech of Systrom makes its users feel that Facebook’s Instagram is gonna make it to it’s users expectations very soon. All the engagement like liking, commenting, photo and video sharing will happen in one mobile client. Systrom denied the coming of ads with video sharing, for now at least. He wants the capturing and sharing totally to be organic right now, to be used by users as a genuine and meaningful application.

At the end of last year, rumours were floating around that photos shared via Instagram will be used in ads, as a result of the impression terms of services gave, but Systrom assured the users and asked them not to freak out because of that. He cleared the air by saying that “Photos and Videos are your own and we don’t intend to use any photo or video in any type of advertisement. So, fairly, Facebook’s Instagram has been launched to make it big.

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