How to access My Maps on Android after Google Maps update

Last month Google started rolling out the new Google Maps Updated version. While the app is still reaching Android users, complaints have started to their rounds. Two main issues have risen with this updated version viz. the offline caching has become very complicated and people lost access to My Maps. But thanks to Google for quickly responding to the first issue which now allows you to just tap a button and save your maps but forgot to add another way to access your saved maps, but worry not because there exists another way to do so.

If you are a user of Google Maps on your Android device on a daily basis, then you need to know that there is still a way to access Google maps after the latest Google Maps update while you are still missing your favorite Google Maps access from My Maps app. Here is a quick and short way to access maps from your Android device.


  1. Get your hands on your android mobile or tablet, look for an arrow button on the top right side corner and then tap it. Select My Places from the drop down.

  2. A new page will appear, there you can see Maps in between All and Starred on the top of the page.

  3. Now you will have to tap on the Map Name and then select the map icon from the top toolbar. Your selected map will appear along with all the places you pinned.

  4. Pin on the map or select a location from the list, now go to the Google Location Information Page by pressing the link shown.

  5. A window will then pop up in front of you asking you which app is to be used for the action. Obviously, when you select Google Maps, now you will be allowed to select navigation within the map apps.


Google is trying hard to provide better navigation of maps from My Maps app, meanwhile this is the way you can currently get access to Google Maps on your android device after the update.


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