How to clear all your Android app caches with App Cache Cleaner

It is really time consuming to clear the cache for all your android apps on your android device because to do that you need to clear one app at a time. But with App Cache Cleaner you can clear all the apps with just a single tap. What happens is that the apps that are on your android device uses cache for performance improvisation.

Over a long duration, the cache for those apps can grow quite large. Clearing the app cache will clear up all the space previously consumed by those apps and thereby solves any kind of problem you might be having with your app.

To clear the android app cache, you need to go to the Android App Manager, look at the list and click on App from that list. And then simply just tap on ‘Clear Cache’. If you want this for all your android apps you have to repeatedly perform the same process for every single app, until and unless you use a cache cleaner like App Cache Cleaner.

App Cache Cleaner will create a list of all the apps on your android device by the apps with largest cache. You can either select one app at a time and tap on it individually to clear their cache or select to tap the green button at the bottom of the screen that says ‘Clear All’ to clear all the caches at one time.

The best part about this app is you can configure App Cache Cleaner to schedule cleaning of cache at regular intervals. App Cache Cleaner is a focused tool which is relatively small in size and concentrates particularly on cache management.

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