How to Create an Apple ID without using a Credit Card

The iTunes App store has a myriad of apps to download either paid or free, however, some apps like Google Earth for example, is free for download, as long as you have a UK or US based Apple ID to install them onto your iPhone or iPad. Even few iBooks and podcasts also come under geo restrictions as they are available to iTunes users who are logged in with an Apple ID for one of those available countries.


In the Apple app store, you can create more than one Apple ID, such as one for the UK , another for US app store. It happens that some apps are not available on Indian Apple ID, in this case you can also switch to the UK or US store based upon the UK or US Apple ID.
The problem occurs when you create a new Apple ID. As you are from India and want to make US or UK based apple account, then iTunes will require you to fill your credit card and billing address of your card and that should of that country. Simply we can say that you should have US or UK based PayPal account or credit card to create an account an Apple ID for US or UK iTunes store. Apple will not create an Apple ID without valid payment information. Now follow steps to create an Apple ID in iTunes without using a Credit Card.

Steps to Create Apple ID in iTunes without using a Credit Card:

1. First launch the iTunes software on your computer and sign out from your existing Apple ID. Now choose Store to the menu and click on the Sign Out.
2. To change the country, just scroll down the of the iTunes page and select the country as per your requirement.
3. After this open the App store in the iTunes and select the app which is free, now click the Get button for downloading the app.
4. Now you have to enter your Apple ID and password. Please do not fill the existing Apple ID. Click on the Create Apple ID button, then agree to the terms and condition. Fill the email address and password and minimum age. You should more than 13+ age, then only you can make the Apple ID.
5. Now go to the payments, here you will see a new option ‘NONE’. Select that None option, enter any dummy postal address and submit that.

This is beneficial for you as well as for your kids also, this trick can be used to create a separate Apple ID for iPads. You can use these accounts for your kids so any accidental purchase cannot harm you as there is no need to fill up credit card details. This was all about the creating an Apple ID according to the country required. If you have any query regarding the post or you find it useful, you can mention it in the comments.

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