How to Disable Email Notifications on Google+

How to disable Email Notifications on Google+

Yes, it’s kind of daunting and irritating to continuously receive email notifications on G+ while you are doing some important work on the social media front at Google+. Though it’s no rocket science to disable email notifications on Google+ but anyway you are going to Google it for the sake of saving time. And it becomes even more irritating if you have installed G+ on your mobile, you’ll not only get push notifications but also will get a mail telling you that you have a notification and it’ll start swamping your inbox. So, here I have compiled simple 6 steps to easily make you learn how to do it without putting much efforts or time in it.

I welcome all your suggestions on how to manage Google+ account, share it with me in the comments section and we’ll discuss it.

  • Firstly, log in to your G+ account.
  • Set your cursor on your profile image at the upper right side of your profile page to see the drop down menu. Click it.
  • After click opening the drop down menu, you’ll see many clickable links, but choose the button that says ‘Account’ which will take you to your account settings page.
  • On the middle left side of the page you’ll see “Google+”, click it. Find it behind ‘Profile and Privacy’ link and above ‘Products’ link.
  • Then scroll down to see the “Receive Notifications” after you select Google+ section of the page. Under the Email and Phone icon you’ll find tons of check boxes. Find out the check box which says email notification and is checked there.
  • You then have to deselect the email notification check box so that you won’t receive email notifications anymore.

It’s a bit harsh since you may want to attend to or receive some email notifications that you think are crucial and important. But it can be easily dealt with. You can just select and deselect this check box whenever you don’t need to receive any notifications and whenever you need to. After selecting your choice the page will update and save your selection automatically. So this easy six step process sums up how to disable the notification.

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