How to Embed Instagram photos or videos on your Website?

Instagram recently announced that now photos and videos can be embed on your website easily and smoothly. Here is how to do it and also the reason behind wanting to do it.

Finally, Introducing How To Add Web Embeds

Overdue for a long time, Instagram finally rolled out the web embedding for content on Instagram be it photos or videos. Now, whenever you are surfing Instagram on your web browser you will find a new share button on the right side of the screen. Simply click on that share button and an embed code will be generated, copy that code and paste it into your website or blog. Really it’s that simple.

You will get an embed code for any content you want to embed be it photos, videos or others but for the content that is public, for private content the protected user account won’t be visible to the people you haven’t allowed to or are not following you. So, if you don’t want to restrict the visibility of your photos and videos on your website you should first change the settings from private to public. After the content is embedded it features a users name which links back to the user’s profile page, along with the number of likes and comments that content has received, but users will have to click on the Instagram logo to visit that content’s page to actually see the comments.

Why The Hell Would You Want To Do It?

What saves your time in this digital world is to tie up all the social media efforts together which can show great results. People, businessman etc. are now putting extra efforts in generating content like photos and videos on Instagram about themselves, their business, their office, any event and more, now has a destination that people have got a destination outside Instagram, like people’s blogs and websites. Now it’s easy to take all those office shots out on your blog and also reach far with the voice of your embed videos, reaching beyond the Instagram community.

You shouldn’t feel all left out if you don’t have an Instagram account, it can still prove useful for you. Suppose you are working on a blog post and you are studying the neighborhood of your company featuring businesses and people around the area, you just need to search Instagram using hash tags or phrases which can generate additional content for you to profile, which will eventually benefit you and the content developer.

It seems to be a very tiny update but ask people who earlier had to steal pictures from their Instagram account, while we don’t know how they did that, this update suffices it and it won’t have to be done that way. Now with all that updated version we can even expect Instagram to someday provide analytics for embedded content.

Let’s Do It The Step By Step Way

  1. Navigate all the way to Instagram Website.

  2. First of all find the image or video you want to embed and click to go to the specific photo/video page.

  3. If you want to embed any photo or video you come across, click on the button with three dots and then click on Click Photo Page or Click Video Page.

  4. Once you reach photo/video page click again on the button with three dots and select Embed this time.

  5. A specific embed code will be generated for that video or photo page. Click the button that says Copy Embed Code.

  6. Paste the copied embed code anywhere on your blog or website and it’s done

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