How to Factory Reset your iPhone 5

factory Reset iPhone 5

Need help with that gorgeous phone of yours? When the discussion is all about a lovely iPhone 5, people generally tend to be all ears. The youngest baby of the iPhone series is packed with goodies to die for. Retina Display, some new photography effects, it’s USP the one and only iOS and many more. The operating system in iPhones are the pillars of it’s fundamental awesomeness which makes it an extremely easy to use device.

Great inbuilt apps, themes, wallpapers and functions make it a hell of a device which makes you all devily to ultimately have it. But, after you have it, you do a lot of things to make it work as per your needs. This may lead to crashing down of the operating system, though it’s the best. The only option remains is – FACTORY RESET!!

There may be some daunting problems lurking all over your iPhone 5 and making it impossible for you to use it with ease, so you need to head to the road of factory resetting your iPhone 5 to start fresh and to remove (hopefully) all the problems that were caused that hold you back from enjoying your phone. To factory reset your iPhone 5, follow the steps below –

Before launching the resetting action you need to know that this action will completely wash off your device so you better want to plug your phone to iTunes and get a backup of your previously saved things on it because this may be painful to you to lose all your important stuff. But there is always something good out of nothing, after resetting it your device will be automatically updated with a newer version of the OS. You can do it in two ways, firstly you can take the backup of your important keeps by connecting to iTunes where it’ll ask you to first take a backup and then restore your iPhone 5 and the other way is as below –

Steps for factory Reset iPhone 5

Please Follow below steps to factory Reset iPhone 5 easily.

  • Take your iPhone and hit “Settings”
  • Tap on “General”
  • A tab will be displayed at the bottom of your iPhone screen with “Reset” written on it. Click it.
  • The next screen will show options from which you can choose things to be reset, but if you need to do it completely then just tap on “Erase all content and Settings”
  • The second last process includes confirmation from you asking you to confirm if you wish to continue with the reset, tap on “Yes”
  • And, finally after waiting for a short while your iPhone will be cleaned from all the bugs and problems and will be ready with updated version of OS for even a better iPhone 5 experience.

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