How to get an ideal Nutritionist

Often we are marred with a lot of health related problems, so much so that we find it difficult to align ourselves with the rapidly changing lifestyle, over 80% of India’s population is either obese or underweight, and obesity results in heart attacks, high blood pressure and various other problems. Therefore it is important to get a nutritionist to fix out weight related woes, as they directly affect our health.

urbanclap android app
urbanclap android app

Here are some helpful steps to help you find the right nutritionist

  1. Figure out what kind of nutritionist you want, be sure to ask questions, and if they are interested in helping you, they wouldn’t mind answering them.
  2. Check for references, ask if they have helped someone managed their weight before, and do they have any testimonial that they are willing to share with you, if yes then dig deeper into those references before availing their services.
  3. Be careful about the difference between nutritionist and a dietician. There is a fine line between the two, in plain English, dietician is a medical geek who knows everything about the “food” and often works in hospitals, whereas Nutritionists not only performs a job or ordinary dietician, but also are trained in nutritional supplements and natural remedies.
  4. If you are looking for nutritionist for your child, be sure to ask references, because there is no reason to trust a even a good nutritionist with your child’s diet if he/she doesn’t have experience in handling diets of kids before.
  5. Compare the rates and see how they flare out, go for the one that add values, and that gets you through consultation.

We are very sure these tips will help you enough to get a good nutritionist, and you can find them using any popular medium, like directory search etc.

However there is a very good thing that is coming up this field, and it’s an app called UrbanClap, because most of the folks using this app have positive outlook and better results, although they currently service in three major city, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore with plans to expand in other cities soon; they only have nutritionists in Delhi at this point in time.

As with any new venture, we expect UrbanClap to add nutritionists in all the cities that it caters to very soon, however finding an ideal nutritionist is difficult for a company as well.

Thankfully, UrbanClap company not only offers consultation in clinic, but also via E-mail, telephone and Skype, and has numerous options for programs that you can enroll in, with a typical monthly consultation encompassing 4 sessions. Moreover compared to approaching nutritionists in person, the rates are UrbanClap are far more competitive, and there is an option to pay through Paytm wallet getting users additional discounts that using a virtual wallet can get. It has also get a robust rating system where one can see how users have rated a particular nutritionist before opting for the services.

App built by some of the top minds in India, UrbanClap app looks very promising in getting quality nutritionist, and their system works flawlessly, and has been extensively covered in Indian and International media, and their algorithm that matches professionals with the requirements of users, which is popularly called – Match Making algorithm is widely praised.

While we hope that it doesn’t become tormentous experience for you to find a nutritionist, and there is no reason to stop even did, because balancing things including weight is an essential part of life. And if you want to try your hands on UrbanClap, you can easily download it from Android play store or Apple app store and get started. While you keep yourself busy in your day to day chores, leave your weight management to a professional who would take care of it, and deliver astonishing results.

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