How to Get Free Thousands of Subscribers with Content Syndication

How to Get Free Thousands of Subscribers with Content Syndication

Content Syndication generally means sending or providing content in a chosen format to people through subscription, delivered directly into mail. This may be just a sort of campaign with a link to the original presentation of a series of a course module, blog posts, podcasts, white paper, ppt, videos etc. But, the most important thing about content syndication is that it should be provided through subscription. It’s important to keep in your mind is that people have their own priorities and preferences to consume content. For instance, I am not much of a reader but I am big on visual presentations so my preferred content format is video and similarly everyone has their own favorite format to learn from. The most important thing is that you should be aware of all possible formats and you need to present your content in all possible formats so that people get to choose any, as per their will.

Content Syndication Via RSS For Bloggers

As the title suggest, Really Simple Syndication and its really simple and the most familiar format for bloggers to syndicate content. You just start your blog and stop worrying about how is it gonna reach people because RSS feed is an integral component of every blogging software. You don’t have to worry wondering about RSS Feed it’s quite simple. Feedburner is a free product from Google which helps people to subscribe to your content in any format. It’ll show all your newly published posts to your subscribers and notify them too. FeedBurner has got a multitude of subscription options from which people can choose to receive the content in their email inbox. People won’t have to come back to your blog again and again to find new content but they can just get a glimpse of it in their email and a link to complete content on your blog.

Take Content Syndication to The Next Level With Email Marketing

Whether you are a brand/product owner, an affiliate marketer or a professional blogger you must know the importance of capturing the email Ids of your visitors and readers and what gets you ahead is building a list of subscribers. In fact list building should be the goal on your priority list and should be used as a call to action on your blog to attract more subscribers. There are many good Email Marketing services available like Mailchimp and Aweber which are essential to your success. There are many ways of placing an email sign up on our blog like the header, about page, sidebar, at the footer of your blog, some people use pop up windows to maximize the visibility of their call to action and so on. It’s your judgment as to how to approach people to build your list.

Platforms For Audio and Video Content Syndication

We all very well know that Youtube is the #2 search engine in the world and uploading video on Youtube can expose your content to its millions of daily visitors and users. Youtube is a platform that provides you to distribute your content to millions of potential subscribers since studies show that people nearly learn everything(tutorials) from Youtube videos since people tend to trust visual content more. It’s crucial that you know that if you don’t have a Youtube channel than people won’t be able to find out your blog and even worse they can’t see your sign up button to get access of your blog posts. So, its ultra necessary for you to have a Youtube channel and post videos with your RSS Feed and Email Newsletter links in the description of every video you post.

Another vehicle that can be used is Podcasting to increase your subscriber base even more. iTunes is the #1 platform for podcast discovery and distribution and it has been #1 since the advent of it in 2001. Keeping all the contrary aside Podcasting is alive, kicking and is highly recommended as a great platform for content syndication.

Don’t Ignore Facebook Subscription

When Facebook announced it’s Subscription feature back in September 2011, it said that If people want to share their public updates with more than their friends, they can get a Subscribe button on their profile too. People who subscribe to them will get their posts set as ‘Public’ in their News Feeds. It’s entirely optional and you need to opt in. Though you are not allowed to openly sell products on your profile page but you can include links in your status posts and there you go.

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