How to Increase Sales Using Facebook

Increase Sales Using Facebook Marketing and Sales have unlimited tactics that can be followed or new tactics that are innovated every now and then. Though there are books around us that tell about how to increase sales and filled with content telling the rules of marketing which eventually ends up in sales, but there is no end to these tactics for any idea that sells, becomes a marketing trend and such trends come and go according to the changing market trend. Unlike Social Media which is an undying platform for any product, brand, service be it a painter, a soft drink brand, an event planner or a blogger if you are not active on facebook you don’t practically exist online. Today, if any product or service has been recommended by a friend to another via facebook, the chances of that recommendation converting into increase sales using facebook grows up to 90%.

Increase sales Using Facebook

The first step towards Increase Sales Using Facebook is to set goals to be achieved. This way the growth and improvement can be monitored and further it can be decided whether to go with the same strategy or to make changes to improve with a steady pace. Set goals like boost customer service, keeping the heavy marketing plan costs low, better customer engagement and retention. Let us have a quick look at 15 logical and interesting tactics to increase sales using Facebook, divided into two main categories as –

1. 10 Things that Facebook has to offer.
2. 5 Things that you can do using those offers to increase sales using facebook.

Increase Sales Using Facebook: 15 Interesting Tactics

This section basically includes the collective 20 tactics, 10 and 5 points respectively falling under the two main categories of goals which will explain the strategy to be followed to convert potential users into loyal customers and increase sales using Facebook page.

10 Things That Facebook Has To Offer –

  1. The first most basic thing on Facebook that anybody can think of is Increasing ‘Likes’. So, to increase likes and customer engagement firstly send emails to existing users and give a link to reduce the confusion. Let them feel that you have a facebook page too. Invite friends and friends of friends to increase the popularity of your page for increasing sales using facebook.
  2. If you have a blog for your business, which you should have, then attach and embed Facebook Social button or plugin in the upper right side of your blog so that those who read your blog can like your page even if they are not in your friend list.
  3. Create a Facebook launch page where they can enter your site or blog only when they like your facebook page. This gives them the feeling of joining a community for free. Offer your brochure or profile or a gift in return of the like.
  4. Its best if you join groups similar to your business type and post links of your new blog posts regularly, this will increase your facebook likes and fan base.
  5. You should not stop believing in email marketing because it is still really very effective. So, collect emails of your facebook users for your email marketing database and make it available for people to easily subscribe by email notifications regarding news updates, newsletters, blog posts etc.
  6. To increase engagement of your current users follow as many tricks as possible. Facebook has got great tools for people like us who need a large user base. So, firstly find out ‘QUESTION’ feature above the ‘Write Something’ box, create a question and held an opinion poll. But the poll should be interesting enough to make users participate.
  7. The best thing about these social media sites is that they are compatible with each other, at least Facebook and Twitter do so. So, take advantage of this and enable twitter handle in your menu so that all your important posts become tweets too thus a network of socially engaged users develop for your business.
  8. Running a competition on Facebook page of your business can work wonders. Both the tasks can be accomplished, increased users and engaged audience.
  9. You can also post your business related videos from YouTube and your presentations on slideshare on your Facebook Page. This is the best way to increase credibility and enhance your brand image.
  10. Reply to the comments and say thanks for likes on a regular basis to make your users feel the connection with your business or brand. Announce your number of likes and take pride in it.

5 Things that you can do using those offers to increase sales using facebook

All yapping set aside, the ultimate goal of every business is to increase sales using facebook, but to do so above tactics should be followed to make complete use of Facebook to benefit from it. Many a features have been made available to be used but lack of awareness kills such opportunities to be considered. Hence, after talking about basic tactics of increasing users and customer engagement we come straight to increasing sales using facebook.

  1. How customers are attracted, has got many points in line but the most convertible one is providing discounts. You can easily use a unveiling tab on your Facebook Page which asks your users to print it as a voucher or email it to you to get special discounts on purchase. This proves to be the best way to attract customers and eventually increase sales using Facebook users.
  2. To make sure that you convert each of your Facebook user into your customer, you first need to make sure that they never leave your Facebook page. So, provide them with an e-commerce option through which they can purchase your product then and there because the chances for purchase decrease if your customers have to click lot of times.
  3. Of course you need to embed your Facebook Page link on your E-store (online).
  4. You may also link to Amazon and Ebay, get your products enlisted there and sell your products from there since the reach of these portals is extraordinary. Provide a link on your website.
  5. Make and use graphs of your sales to increase sales using facebook and post it on your Facebook page this definitely encourages users to consider your product and end up purchasing it.

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