How to install Android apps on your BB10 phone

It’s pretty easy to sideload famous apps on your BB10 device. No matter how many new updates Blackberry brings or employ new hardware, it still can’t convince that it’s usage is not complicated any more. The biggest hurdle that is still on is no access to quality apps. Even the Blackberry promoters and BB faithful agree to this issue and are trying to fix it on their own. Let’s learn how we can draw benefit from Blackberry 10 apps that have been ported from Android. The best part about it is that this whole process takes few minutes and loading these apps to your BB10 is just a matter of seconds.

Gather All Your Tools

Most importantly what you will need is a BB Z10 smartphone device or a Q10 will also do the job, Google Chrome browser installed on Windows or Mac Computer and to connect both of these devices you will need a Wi-Fi connection as well.

Get Your Blackberry ready

Get your hands on your Blackberry and first flip it to the Developer mode. Find out and tap the pull down menu from the top of the display from within the Hub or any home screen. click the Settings, Security and Privacy and then quickly select the Development mode. Then you need to find the Software switch next to ‘Use Development Mode’, hit this switch after switching on the Development mode.

Before moving forward you need to be cautious because before the settings start working effectively you will be prompted with an instruction to enter a password for Development mode, you need to choose a password easy enough to remember.

Download Playbook App Manager

Open the Google Chrome Browser on your system now download the main software that you will need to use. Go to the Chrome’s Play Store, search for an app called Playbook App Manager, download it and then install it. This works just fine for both Mac and Windows.Now connect your Blackberry Z10 with your Mac or any PC through Wi-Fi and confirm that they are both linked properly via the Wi-Fi network.

Find out the IP address of your Blackberry after that. Let me be more clear about not to confuse this IP with the Development Mode IP address, it’ll get messed up. Find out the the relevant IP address under System Settings, About, then within the Network Category. Place this IP address into the Playbook App Manager window given and then click on the save button. May be you will get a warning message about SSL certificate errors, just ignore it and proceed anyway. You will now be able to see the correct IP address under the heading ‘Manage Your Device’. Clicking on it will launch a list of applications currently installed on your device.

Get The App Of Your Choice

Recently Blackberry has removed the bar and set the developers free to develop great apps for BB10. As a result many websites have come forward that provide catalogs of Android Apps converted from native APK files to BAR extension which are easily digestible by BB10. Some of the recommendations from Blackberry 10 developers are and

Load Up Your BB10

The final significant step after selecting and downloading the Bar App you downloaded is to drag and drop it in the list of application that Playbook App Manager shows. After this the software will start installing the app to your BB Z10 which can be seen at the progress bar on the upper left corner of the screen. This is really an easy process, you can even watch the app materialize in the phone’s app tray as it is installing.

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