How to merge two google plus accounts

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I will name it Google Dilemmas. Why? Because firstly we created a Google plus accounts with our address. Then came the option where Google disclosed the support of G+ for Google apps; this put us in a dilemma that, whether we should use Google plus accounts with our Gmail ID or should we register G+ with our Google app account? This question keeps popping up in our mind and after reading a lot of stuff we still remain confused. And then came another option that we can maintain two Google plus accounts. But if we maintain two google plus accounts simultaneously then G+ will confuse you more, since we may will face two sets of friends list duplicated over both accounts. But we need not worry since Google’s got our back and that can be done with the help of Google Takeout. Here’s how it’s possible –

Google plus accounts transferring details to do/notice before and after  –

You need to be patient since this process will take a verification period of 7 days to merge two accounts. And yes, you can also cancel the transfer. If cancelled, you need to make sure that no mistake should be made while selecting your source and destination profile otherwise it will strang your account along 6 months and would only be resolved after that period of time. After initiation at your end, it’ll take 48 hours to start the process and you will be granted limited access to both accounts. Firstly, decide which will be your source profile and destination profile. Meaning, which is the profile you want more to be displayed to your friends will make your destination profile which will replace your source profile that you don’t want.

After you derive your source account into destination, your original account will be what you just derived into your destination account. All the circles, blocks, communities and more will be copied from the source account to the destination account. Other than this, things like Profile Information, Posts, Comments and Authorship Info will not be transferred from source to destination account. Also, the Google + pages associated with the source account will not be transferred into destination account.

The How To’s?

Now that the terminologies are sorted out let’s see how it will pan out.

  1. Take your source credentials to use for logging into Google Takeout. (insert screenshot here)
  2. After you are logged in just click a link provided below CIRCLES that is transfer your Google+ connections to another account. (screenshot)
  3. Now, fill up the blank with your destination profile email ID and click on sign in to this account. (screenshot)
  4. All you need to do now is verify your information details from both the accounts and then click Transfer to start the process.
  5. All these steps are yours to do and the rest will be done by Google. This will take 7 days, keep tracking your source email ID to get acknowledgement details from Google.

If you have face any problem in merge two google plus accounts or we have forget any steps than please tell us, we will solved your problem as soon as possible.

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