How to play Rummy Game

Indian Rummy is a popular game of cards, it is very interesting game. For playing Rummy, we need for then two players. The alternative names of Rummy are Sai rummy, Basic rummy, standard Rummy and Traditional Rummy. Rummy game is originated from united state. Rummy is a game of the matching group of the same number or same card and same suit.  The basic goal of a rummy game is to mix a card to build a set of three or four cards of the same rank or same cards in sequence, of the same suit. Online Rummy game is also available and it is very entertaining if you are smart and know how to mold cards then it is a better way to earn money. While playing Rummy games one must follow some rules. Online Rummy game is very popular now a days and its is very safe also. For playing a game, you don’t need to go anywhere you simply need a system or a smart phone and internet connection which is the basic need of today’s life.

Basic Rummy

We all are aware that Basic Rummy is also known as Sai Rummy and Second type Rummy is also called Sanka Rummy. They all follow same rules for playing a game. There are 52 cards in a standard deck. The cards rank from 2 (low) to A (high). We can play Rummy game to a certain score, or to a fixed number of deals. When one player picks up more than one card, he must use the first card and has to play only that card or else play is incomplete.

In Rummy game if more than one player goes over five hundred in the same round, the player having highest score wins. If there is a tie then the player who was leading before that round wins.

How to play Rummy Game

Indian Rummy game begins with the player on the dealer’s left and proceeds clockwise. Each player draws a card from the stock. The player may then mix or lay off, which are both optional, before discarding.


In the game if a player has three cards of the same suit in a sequence they may unit by laying these cards, face up, in front of them. If they have at least three cards of the same value, then they may meld a group. Aces can be considered as high or low but not both. Melding is optional in a rummy game.  The most important reason of Melding in a Rummy game is to be able to declare “Rummy” later in the game.

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