How To Promote Your Blog For Free?

How To Promote Your Blog For Free?

The most important factor that strikes our mind, even before starting our blog, is to bring traffic. Will people read what I am sharing on my blog? How will I get my blog known? What are the platforms that I can use to promote your blog? This is the first series of questions to pop up in every blogger’s mind whether a beginner or a pro. If you are in the stage of growing your blog you definitely will look for promotion tactics that can be practiced easily and are completely free. Now, after all this thought process comes the fact that is believing in the old content theory ok? The theory says, “If you build it, they will come”, surely doesn’t apply to blogs. Publishing compelling and unique content is just not enough to get your blog know, especially with over a million blogs online being crawled by blog search engines like Technorati. So, to start with free promotion tactics is a smart choice and below are some ideas that you can use to bring people to your blog in large volumes.

Commenting is Complementing

Commenting on other’s blog is a complimentary goodies that you get for great search engine optimization of your blog. Each time you comment on others blogs make sure you enter the same name and URL in the fields left for you to fill in so that it’ll link back to your blog. When you leave interesting and meaningful comments on other’s blog, people will definitely notice and click the link to your blog. Even better if your comment is related to your blog topics.

Frequent Post Updation Is A Win Win

First of all you need to keep in mind that each of you post has been written keeping search engine optimization on the forefront. Posting relevant and latest content frequently on your blog shows your consistency and will lead more traffic to your blog.

Participating In Online Forums Works Wonders

All you need to do is find out forums related to your topic, make a list of them and become an active contributor member and participate actively in the discussions and help people with your knowledge there. Also ask questions related to your topic.

Nothing Spreads Content Like Social Media

It’s a fact that you have been using social networking sites many years ago you started your blog and you have got a kind of community of friends, family and other stranglers(no offence). So it’s time to promote your blog posts on all your social accounts to drive people to your blog which must be worth the read for them. You can post status with your content title on your profiles with great images and call-to-action terminologies. Give your blog that value added exposure with social media.

Link to Other Blogs In Your Posts

You should incorporate links to other blogs in your own blog posts. You can also refer to other blogs that you regularly visit and research topics for new blog post development. These blogs have a trackback feature in their blogging software programs. This will help you in getting links back to your own blog automatically from the comment sections of these blogs. And more benefit can be experienced in the form of exposure to these blogs since when they will track their blog statistic report they will find your blog’s link their.

Guest Blogging is a Must

The best thing about guest blogging is that you get to cater your opinion and blog posts to their audience which is a great support for your blog in traffic generation. Offer your guest posts to other blogs relevant to your niche and are blogs with good traffic rate, great Alexa and PR. This is possibly the best way to get links back to your blog. Guest blogging helps a lot in spreading your views and if people are addicted to what you write then it’s quite amazing to watch the traffic coming in.

Contests Can Attract More Traffic

This one works best when you want to attract more new visitors to your blog. Just conduct a simple blogging or say guest post contest on your blog, promote it via all possible channels and give them some small prizes or you can help the winners promote their blog or posts. Try to post the contest on the contests websites to spread the word in a great way.

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