How to Recover Your iTunes account ID

Ever wondered what will happen if you forgot your iTunes ID, you will be prohibited to listen to DRM-protected music and access your account. If you are a regular user of iTunes and use your account regularly to purchase movies and music then you may have got a collection of titles that are bound by your iTunes Account. But, if you use more than one ID/account to purchase music or movies then you may run into trouble if you couldn’t remember the ID you used to buy things.

What will happen at the least is that if you don’t have authorized system to play the songs that are DRM protected then a notice will pop up on your screen from iTunes and it will ask you to first Login into your  iTunes account before it will play those protected songs.

But you don’t have to worry at all because inside the authorization window provided by iTunes, you will find a quick link to recover your password. To do this you are first required to enter a valid Apple ID corresponding with it and if you forget the iTunes ID it’s gonna give you some trouble. However, as famously said there’s always a way, there is a way here too. Just look into your early purchases, things that you bought already.

You must know that everything you purchase whether music or movies from the iTunes store will tagged with your name and account ID which which you made purchases. So, you must have got the running theme here. Just look into your already purchased products and you will automatically know the lost account username used to do so.

To see this information select “Get INFO” from the file menu or simply choose any movie or song and press Command – I. Then a window appears in the Summary Tab where you can find name and Apple ID listed, this should be the default tab. You can now use this ID in the iTunes authorization window that appeared before and retrieve the password if it needs to be done.

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