How to Save A Wet Cell Phone?

How to save a wet cell-phone?

I believe that most of us have definitely experienced this, falling of their cell-phone in puddle, sink, bathtub, maybe your kid drowned it in a bucket full of water etc. This really makes us sad because we all love our mobile devices because of it being amongst the most personal thing we have and yes it’s price keeps us feeling bad and guilty. Whether you have lost your phone to water or you are a potential who can experience it soon, this article is for you to save your dear cell-phone from falling prey to dunking. There are several ways you can do so, let’s discuss some potential of them.

Turn it off & Dismantle it

The very first step is to turn your mobile off. Now we know that there are two types of batteries attached and detachable. If your phone’s battery is detachable then remove the battery straight away and if not turn it off. It’s possible that you may not be there at the scene of crime(:p) but you need to do this step as soon as you find out. Although fast move is recommended. Dismantling means you need to take out the battery, remove the SIM card, SD card and dry them first then keep them safe. You should also take out as much extra water as possible with a tissue from the SIM and SD card slots.

Soak Up the Water From The Surface

Just soaking up the water from card slots isn’t enough what you need to do next is quickly remove water droplets from the edge of the screen and soak it with a tissue softly. Do this as fast as you can since water drops can damage your mobile’s display very quickly. Try to make it as dry as physically possible and then we move forward to the insides of your phone.

Dry Up The Inner System

What you can see inside the cell phone is circuit boards, processors, button rockets etc. everywhere where water droplets can adjust easily and damage it permanently. After quickly drying up the outsides the chances of your mobile being saved increases. Now dry up the insides like bare circuit boards, wires and everything. How? I recommend doing this with a hair dryer. You just need to remember to keep the hair dryer setting at low and keep the mobile in your hand far enough away to not end up with a burnt hand and wires. Initially try to dry the card slots and then warm up the screen, don’t get your touch screen interface damaged. Try to warm and dry your phone evenly all over the place. Keep doing this for about 30 minutes.

Rice Can Save Your Phone

While you roam around the market to search for some solutions, don’t go to a technician’s shop, inspite go to a grocery store purchase about a half Kg of raw rice and dunk your phone in the bowl of rice. Wondering? Don’t! It’s true and tested. Your Phone should be dunked about 1 inch from all sides. This may be the last step if your device is not even more badly disturbed, keeping your phone in the rice bowl overnight will soak up entire moisture, may be this will leave you with a fully restored and working device.

Loads of Silica Gel

This one is a familiar name for the tech nerds who keep a lot of silica gel sachets with them. So yes, this also is a great idea to save your phone. Just cover your mobile device in these sachets and leave it overnight. This happens to be a great idea as silica gel is also famous for soaking up moisture.

Pure Alcohol

This applies to the worst case scenario when you lose hope to get your phone back, working. This is a tested process and really works well, gives great results. Chemistry of alcohol is involved in this process. When you dunk your dismantled and switched off phone in alcohol and rub it alcohol replaces the water drops or moisture and eventually evaporates leaving the device absolutely dry. So, I guess all these solutions may seem weird but they are truly helpful in recovering your dear cell-phone from ending up in the recycle box.

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