How to Send Money Via Gmail

How to send money via Gmail

And then it’s truly said that Google has it all. After the launch of another useful service called Google Wallet, it has started sending invitations to try the new version of Google Wallet. This is an awesome service by Google which is used to send and receive money online via Gmail. The invitation has been sent to those who took interest in testing it’s previous version and showed interest in testing it’s newer version too.

This plan was announced by the company, which is to integrate Google Wallet with Gmail in their Developers Conference in May. The service was made available to the early pool of testers on a viral basis where those who had granted early access had to send funds via Gmail. This was made the only way to test it.

Though Google supports viral user acquisition, it appears to be ready to generate some interest in Gmail Payment Capability but by conventional means. People who decide to accept invitation from Google can send Gmail messages with cash attached in the mail to whom they want to allow to join them.

We all know that PayPal has been the undoubted winner for years now when it comes to transferring money. Sending and receiving money is really made easy by PayPal. And now Google has decided to give PayPal a tough competition, yeah but that can be found out only over the coming time of service Google provides. Any doubt? It’’ll take a bit of time to start but if someone you know has already got an account then he can send you money and after you confirm that you received the amount new features will be added to your account. To send money you need to use the Google wallet and send money to the one who has U.S. based email address.

Follow Following 3 simple steps to do it Correctly

Secure Your Account – To keep your information secure you need to do it in appropriate manner. You’ll be asked to link your bank account details and other payment methods to your Google account. To keep your info secure you need to follow a two step authentication. After doing this you need to enter your password and a six-digit code before you can access your account. Make sure your account is secure.

Set Up Your Google Wallet – Once you complete the first step the next step is to add your account information to the Google Wallet account. You can either add your credit or debit card to your wallet account to send money or you can link your bank account to be able to transfer received money from your Google Wallet Account into your bank account. And you can add a form of payment by logging into your Google account. The first thing appears is the transaction history for your wallet account. If you purchase anything with Google Wallet like, Play Store items, Android Apps or from any third party vendor who also uses Wallet. Click on the Payment Method on the right hand side and click on add Credit or Debit card at the top of the page. Now all you need to do is follow all the prompts to get your account verified and then successfully add your card to your Wallet account.

Send and Receive Money – After successfully adding a payment method, you are now ready to send and receive money to and fro. But if you still don’t have access to it don’t worry. You can still receive money from anybody who has access to a Wallet account and the best part is the amount can be as low as a penny and after this process new features will be added to your account. In order to claim the funds that you just received, you will have answer a few questions to complete the verification, to prove that you are you. Questions like last four digits of your Security Code, your current address etc. It may take 24 hours for the claimed money to appear in your wallet. Then you can either spend it using wallet or transfer it into your bank account.

To send money you need to log into your Gmail, once you have access to the features and then compose a mail. At the bottom where you see a + sign which reveals all the services provided by Gmail, you can see a $ symbol there. By clicking this symbol will start the process of attaching money to your Email. Just enter the amount you want to send and select the account from which you need to do the transaction. Enter the recipients Email address and write message as you please and send.

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