How to set your Vine account to private

How to set your Vine account to privateEarlier when Vine, a video creating service by Twitter was launched it lacked the feature of making those videos or even anyone’s profile private. Vine, the service let’s you create a six second video and share it with your friends. The most important feature missing was that there was nothing like marking your videos private, but people could still share their videos privately.

All you need to do is create a Vine normally like you would. Tap the ‘NEXT’ button to go to the share screen, now the video is saved to your camera roll. Now it’s saved and so you can either turn off the switch that says ‘Share on Vine’ and then tap ‘Done’ or tap X back on compose screen and delete it. Now that the video is saved to your camera roll you can share it privately with MMS, iMessage, email and more. Though it wasn’t the ideal method of sharing, still people could manage to share videos via other mediums for private sharing purpose.

But recently, Twitter’s Vine updated its iOS and Android app and brought forward the feature of marking the video as private and share it privately. Finally bringing a sense of privacy to the video sharing feature, it provides iOS and soon Android users the privilege of some great camera tools such as a focus option, a grid and a ghost button to view the transparent overlay of your shots taken earlier. It also add ‘REVINE’ like retweet for people to let them share and repost the video to their followers.

And updates have been made for better user experience. But most preferably, not everybody but some don’t want to share just every video with everyone. So, for this a new privacy option has been incorporated, if people choose to keep their videos to only those in their allowed list, they can do so. You just need to lock down your account so that your shared videos are only viewable to people who you let follow your account.

Now, coming to the main point, to set your Vine account to Private, firstly download the latest version of the app for your iOS or Android. The next step after installation is go to the view profile and then tap the settings button. Android users will have to tap on the menu button in the right corner at the top and select settings. Now, tap on ‘Your Content’. You will find a switch that says ‘Posts are Protected’ shift this movable button to start the privacy process. There has also been introduced a ‘Sensitive Posts’ switch which has been incorporated for people who think that their posts are little sensitive and may be offensive for some people, so turn this switch on and your Sensitive posts can be marked.

Now that all is done fairly well and your Vine account is private, only people in your followers list can see your videos and if you are moving your video further with Facebook and Twitter, of course your friends from these mediums will be able to watch your six second videos too.

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