How to Start Blogging for Lead Generation

Generally it’s true that Bloggers are a bit of introvert nature and the agenda of getting more traffic is always dependent upon the blog posts you publish because if your post is of low quality even promoting it over all media channels won’t help bring people to your blog. While you blog you completely indulge into writing your post but that’s not enough you need to think about applying an all round approach for it’s proper promotion to drive relevant and quality traffic to your blog and this traffic is your lead.

How to Start Blogging for Lead Generation

Always being honest, helpful and more like the oldies is not the solution. All you need to do is find out what people search for when they want a service on hire or want to purchase a product and what about endless questions your prospects have. You need to write the blog posts in question-answer format so that people can easily find solution to their issues and if not can ask you by commenting.

Think of it as an example, now why before purchasing a mobile phone device, people first visit the company blog to read all about the phone along with it’s features and specifications? Because they need to know what they are purchasing. And what if you have got a blog post on your blog that explains how to use a particular software on that phone, there you go people will come rushing to read it and there are your leads.

Now there are many ways to bring people to your blog, here are 6 important tips to do so effectively.

First Understand What Your Prospects Search On Google

First of all you need to do research on the search patterns that people apply while they are in need of a useful, unique and original content. Now how are you going to do that? It’s simple. Try to search latest topics that you want to read about and target them. Write blog posts related to most searched topics like nowadays people prefer to find leads via LinkedIn and people do a lot of job searching too here. So why not write a post about How People Can Find Sales Leads via LinkedIn and put a surprise pop up window which has social media buttons people can click and there is your lead.

Solve Problems

You must have seen certain blog posts which actually solves problems and enhance understanding of usage of application or softwares or anything for that matter. For example, you are a pro blogger and have got expertise on how to blog, you must have been indulged in the act of giving blogging tips to your readers. People comment on your posts and ask for your help with their queries and you answer them. This is the best way to ensure that people will come to your blog very often as they trust you for you always solve their problems. You get recommendations too. And it’s contagious.

Craft Response

Every time your readers comment on your blog you need to create great responses. Same applies to your creation of blog posts. You need to create blog posts keeping in mind that your readers may treat you as an expert on the subject and look forward to your posts to find out solutions to their problems. Create responsive and interactive posts to give a feel of involvement of your prospects.

Keep It Brief; Believe In Call-To-Action

This applies basically to Video Bloggers. Whenever you are creating videos be it for intro, tutorial or just a thank you for your prospects you always need to keep in mind that the video should be brief but should be explanatory enough for people to understand easily. There is nothing wrong in wanting to generate leads from videos, you aren’t selling products, you are helping them solve their blogging or technical issues. So go ahead and create a great short video with lots of call-to-action terminologies that strike prospects’ minds most.

Don’t Brag; Dominate

Try to get discovered as an expert of your niche. How? All you need to do is create small videos and write interesting blog posts where you can say “ I don’t brag for positions on search engine, I dominate…You can too! Let them find you online as an expert and engage them with interesting topics where they get mesmerised by you and actually look forward to you for more suggestions. This leads to…..Leads!

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