How to Use Facebook Graph Search in Small Business

Facebook Graph Search in Small Business

Whether a Start up or a Small Business their marketing strategy always has a social media budget to apply to get best reach with such a dynamic platform, and then came the Facebook Graph Search which changed the way of searching our interests be it people, products, services, restaurants, grocery stores, spas or anything, on Facebook. Companies are now counting their Brand Dedicated Facebook Page as an asset to their company, because of its reach to millions of users. Facebook has always worked hard to come up with newer ideas to deliver extraordinary user experience and this time they came up with Graph Search, which was launched in March 2013, a feature which will amazingly intensify your page’s reach. Let’s take a look what it has to offer –

Known Or Not, Search With Graph Search

It is as easy as it sounds, for you just have to type anything you want to search in the search bar to find out the most relevant results. The best part is that the search will be conducted and delivered on the basis of your friend circles and circle’s circle. Facebook is trying best to make it a social search with an even more targeted and relevant search derived from the recommendations and interests of friends in your circle.

Whenever you pair up useful meaningful phrases you can search almost anything. For example, if you want to search school friends who you sang with at 8th annual function, it’ll show the exact search and bring those friends to you within no time.

But How?

Now. I already said it all that Facebook will provide the most related and relevant search results possible, but still one question keeps popping up in my ears and that starts with a HOW and ends with an example. When Graph Search wasn’t introduced yet, it’s older version used to perform search on the basis of provided Keywords and Search Filters. Suppose I enter Burger in the search bar of old version of Facebook, Burger is keyword here, the constraint with keyword centric search is that people don’t think on keywords. They want to search in a manner they like. Hence, now You just type phrases as you speak them like Burger Houses Nearby and Graph Search will return result with the Burger houses nearest to your current location, this is because Graph Search trusts natural queries and the more you ask it in your day to day language the more relevant result it will produce.

The Search algorithm used by Facebook’s Graph Search is similar to that of Google and Bing as it works on the same principle of searching every word you entered in the search bar and produce results nearest to those words. How it differs from Google’s local search strategy is that, that Graph Search uses your network on facebook to determine the results. The Facebook people have developed an option to keep a track of your relationship with your friends, your photos, pages you liked, your circles, groups etc. so that Facebook can perform search based on these relationships.

Graph Search can be a Small Business Savior

How can it help upgrade small businesses, can be answered with a simple sentence that Graph Search is aimed to be used by larger public base. The benefits are accountable as it will work according to your interests on Facebook, it’ll find and explore details associated with your photos and this makes easy for any small business or startup to achieve a higher reach which it can’t get access to, on a generic search. For example, whether you own a small restaurant, music store or anything, if you have a good amount of user base on your social page which is gradually increasing, your restaurant will be shown in the list of search according to your user’s interests, likes and tastes.

Graph Search can be a Small Business Savior

Graph Search is very much capable of bringing traffic and even more business because it gives a better way to connect with people, makes you popular easily, also an effective tool to study your competitors as the best thing about Graph Search is that it shows you the demographics of your competitor’s fans. This data can also help you to understand the marketing strategy of your competitor applied city or state wise. There can be many other ways to use Graph Search as a tool to enhance your user base and popularity. Just use it and experience a service of some meaning.

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