How to Write Unique Blog Content

How to Write Unique Blog Content

The most challenging part that a blogger faces is a great Write Unique Blog Content for your blog. Content creation is not just a piece of cake unless and until you become a pro blogger. Sure you do know and have read a lot of about ‘other activities’ say blog promotion, advertising, doing a lot of SEO etc. But to write a unique content with loads of great subtitles and extraordinary description is a task that can take a lot of time. It’s not bad that you take more time to write a 1000 to 2000 words post then normal at first but once you are familiar with it you will find it real easy to do it more frequently and faster.

But what if we are talking about a newbie blogger? It’s certain that just getting started with content creation can be a bit challenging. If we go dig deep into the matter that why the BIG blogs able to create amazingly unique content effortlessly, there rests a simple answer to this. These big shot bloggers have been around for a while now and they have tried and tested what people want to consume as content and figured out how to present the facts with a hint of their personal opinion making it a valuable read. I can share some points to give a brief idea of how can you be the one always moving forward with original content.

Find Out What Your Readers Want

You need to create a virtual personality of yourself for your readers, how? Firstly find out who are your readers? Who are you writing for? Who is your Target Audience? To know this first you will have to determine your interests, a topic you are passionate about, say a niche. It’s not possible that you can write in each and every category present online, yup you can choose some of them and start with the one you are most willing and passionate about. If not targeted in the right direction to the right targeted group of people, it can prove fatal for your blog. So, try to know the interests of people you are writing for and test their tastes. This is the best way to generate content of reader’s choice because writing a blog post is always for the community, by the community.

Keep Improving While You Write

There is only a single way to get better at writing and that’s WRITE A LOT! You need to keep writing everyday to find out your weaknesses and strengths. This is how you can get better at it. At first it may feel annoying that you may not be getting into the skin of it or maybe most of your written pieces seem crap, but this is the time you need to find your motivation and do not get disheartened. You just need to read from the best possible blogs in your niche, learn how they find out latest news and generate latest trends in writing and follow them while you write continuously with dedication and passion.

Widen Your Thought Process and Improve Content Quality

To widen your thought process all you need to do is READ A LOT!! This is the only way found and recommended by every problogger. They did the same while they were developing their minds as a great great writer. When you find a topic of your interest whether online or in some magazine or book you start reading it and this is the best quality of a writer who needs to improve their content quality. It’s not necessary to subscribe each and every blog possible since not every blog is of high quality. Don’t overdo it just read, find good content that is read by a lot of people, set your own trends and viola! Remember a good post contains 700+ words and it’s a word limit that can cover most aspects of any topic. But less than this, don’t get consideration unless it’s very technical and precise.

It’s Good To Know SEO Content Writing, But Know Your Limits

It’s not a life threatening fact that you should possess the knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, since you can still optimize your blog post with just knowing the terminology involved in doing so. You just need to know terms like Titles, Headings, Meta tags, Backlinks, Keywords etc. Just know them, don’t overthink. But most importantly you need to know about the topic people are searching hungrily and the competition around that topic. Pick it up, add your flavour and then post it. While you write just concentrate on one fact that search engines love unique, well versed, grammatically correct, original and useful content which is worth a read and recommendation.

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