How travel Bloggers Should Be Using Instagram

The world of travel blogging is pretty flooded and with so many digital nomads and tech-savvy backpackers on the road, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. With this being said, we do live in a world where it has never been easier to reach huge numbers of people with your travel posts and one such way which all travel bloggers must employ, is Instagram.

Most of what makes travel bloggers so likable is their visual content which they can produce, of course the how-to guides and travel tips are great article content, but photos of some of the world’s most incredible things are what set them apart. This is exactly why Instagram is the perfect tool for the travel blogger and if here is how travel bloggers can use the photo-sharing site to gain popularity.


The relatively new Instastory is the perfect tool for travelers and backpackers who want to snap and go and on the move. Unlike creating a piece of content which requires thought and planning, the Instastory feature means that you can fire up some snaps of your day on the move, in order to keep your followers engaged. There are a couple of filter options with these shots but nothing too heavy and you can add cool additions like custom emojis, place names, time, temperature and words to add to your photo. Instastory follows the Snapchat model but in my opinion it is easier to use and carries weight amongst your followers.


When uploading content of your travels, you can really have some fun with your photos and use digital tools to enhance your shots and make them look truly beautiful. Whilst Instagram does offer features like filters and lighting changes, I would recommend that you download Snapseed, an app which can revolutionize your photos with a huge range of options. With this app, even the most amateur of photographers can create great content and it will really make you stand out on Instagram.

Followers and Engagement

There is little worse than uploading great content and not getting the engagement which you wanted and so you should focus hard on racking up more followers and more engagement. You can buy automatic Instagram likes which will really get the ball rolling with the engagement and encourage others to like your shots too. Make sure that you are actively engaging when people comment on your shots and use smart hashtags to push your content out to a wider audience. In terms of getting followers, you should look within your industry and try to engage with pieces of content which others have uploaded, prompting them to follow you afterwards. Add value to the community, do all that you can to increase your exposure and you can count on more followers each and every day.

Travel blogging is about seeing amazing places and sharing it with the world, use Instagram in the right way and you can do exactly that.

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