HTC One With Android 4.2.2 update: Let’s Have A Look

HTC One With Android 4.2.2 update

HTC One has kept taking rounds of popularity since it’s very origin, with all the updates and versions. While going through this firstly I also took into consideration, the Sense 5 and how it works with android 4.1.2. Although Sense 5 has become a big step when it comes to functionality and visuality over it’s earlier version, I would like to discuss some points on Sense and all it’s updates. HTC One has started its Android 4.2.2 update rollout in some regions and the International HTC One (EMEA) just got the update and so we are able to see what updates have been made. There is no specific information on the fact that which in which all regions the update has been rolled out, surely not in all. Let’s have a look at the specifications.

Firstly, we can see some changes have been made to the basic functions of the phone like after you create a widget you can easily rearrange it with the help of BlinkFeed homepage which can be seen far in the left. Regardless of being a big change it still is good and user friendly. Now it’s easy to move App shortcuts between widget panel and bottom launcher bar by pressing it for a longer time and dragging it, which wasn’t there in the earlier versions.

The Home button has been logically updated, I am saying it this way because in the earlier version when you pressed the home button when you launched something from the app launcher view would take you back to all apps. The two significant changes in this process have been made like, now when you tap home after starting from all app it takes you to your homepage, be it widget or BlinkFeed. It takes you towards destination with a different flow now. The second significant change that has been made for the Home button is that now pressing the home button for long time will open option of menu button and Google can be activated with just swiping the home button. We can also see some change to BlinkFeed like Instagram has been added in as an account.

Another significant change can be seen on the screen and that’s battery percentage in the notification bar on the top of the screen.Turn it on by tapping the power in settings and it will show in the notification bar besides battery icon. Improvement can be seen in battery percentage fuel gauging algorithm. You will be amazed with the inclusion of quick shortcut icons with this update which you can access by pulling them with your finger and then tapping the icon. It also has added some extra setting icons like Screenshots, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Auto Rotate and Power Saver which is no longer a persistent notification. Whenever you tap these icons it toggles them and to move to the appropriate settings application page, you need to tap the overflow button.

And the Android 4.2.2 brings forward another update to the Sense 5 which is a Screensaver function known as Daydreams. Camera also gets some great updates, additions and tweaks. Now AE/AF can be easily locked by pressing anywhere in the preview for a longer time and remains locked until you tap to re-focus and re-expose again. Changes have also been made in the ways Zoes are recorded. Now the full size images can be pulled out and saved with the same UI and are not just dumped into DCIM every time you take a picture. There will now be only one JPG and one MP4 in the folder for a Zoe instead of 20 JPGs and one MP4.

New amendments have been made in the way Gallery can be viewed, just tap it and it’ll take you into Event view. Keeping in mind what people wanted after this update, there have been added six more highlight reel themes to the already existing themes. Now it’s easy to select custom content for a highlights reel.

So, I tried to mention all the big changes that showed up with the latest 416.46 MB OTA update. The updates are still rolling out region by region for different variants across the Globe. No, word still on the specifications but still this piece claims being worth a shot.

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