Top 5 Ways to Increase the Popularity of your Android App

In the neoteric days, the Android is getting tremendous popularity and earning a very good response in the world of smart phones. There are myriad of apps that are built for android few are free and paid. It is very profitable to make the android apps although people prefer free apps more rather than paid apps. You must have some attractive features than others to sell your app.


But if you have all the attractive features, except that you are unable to sell your app or unable to make it more popular; definitely there is lack of promotion of your app. The main reason behind this a technical background person may not be a good marketer. In order to increase your popularity and promotion of your app, here I am providing few tips by which you will be able to promote your app.

Best Ways to promote your Blog

The first thing, I will recommend to all developers to make a lead capturing page (landing page) for your app. I said this lead capturing page because it helps to track the leads as well as will help you in promoting your company. Do add a section for pictures like screenshots and videos, which will be beneficial for other users to understand the app.

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Complete and Optimize your app

Just complete your application and optimize the app and it should have good interface. Don’t even try to submit an incomplete app that will reduce your ratings. If your app’s rating will be higher at initial condition then the Google’s Play Market algorithm will take your app higher. By this you can optimize the download count.

Have a combo of Free + Premium app

The best to promote your app is to give a combo of Free + Premium app. The free apps are downloaded by most of the users and if the user likes your app using the free version, you can give additional add on or full version of the app at your fixed price. The other option is you can launch the free version of the app from 2-3 weeks after increasing user volume then you can upgrade this to paid version. This is the most used strategy to that works efficiently for the new apps.

Get the best reviews

The most simple to sell your app in the market is to promote it that everyone should remember your brand name. You can magnify your app with the content and reviews. To get the review you can try review sites that offer paid review. If you are focusing specific to android market, you can look on or pcworld .com or any other service according to your budget. AndroidCentral, AndroidPolice, and MobileStartupz are few free and paid sites on which you can go on.

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Promote via free content

You can try the services of free publicity such as in which start-up voting community votes the rank to various apps that are submitted every month end. If your app is based on good concept then it would be seen on the site front page for a month by getting adequate votes. This site is also a preferable for the same app having different operating systems such as Windows, iPhone and Blackberry.

Use the bunch of SNS sites

Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter will be the most used sites by users. You can use the sites for promoting the app. Make some YouTube videos showing the working of the app. Try to maintain the clarity in the videos and you can also include the polling system into it. These will help you promote your app and in making the visibility on Social networking sites.

The above 5 points are very useful in making your app more popular. If you have any query regarding the post, you can ask me in comments.

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