How iPhone is better than Android ?

By | November 4, 2014

iPhone and Android both have tremendous popularity among the mobile users. As per ratio the android has gained a rapid ground between the mobile users as it has diverse versions are available in the market for all users. The android is the true competitor of iPhone. Various ranges are available according to users price comfort. But, here I am going to state 5 points that make iPhone a better choice then android.

Android has caught tremendous development growth in 2012. Where iPhone 4S with Siri, set the hottest selling smart phone trend. The Android ICS is nice move towards Android development, unification and improvement.

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How iPhone is better than Android



Now let’s have a look the point why iPhone is better than Android. And we will discuss some remarkable points of iPhone and iOS devices that make it better.

App Store

Let’s firstly look on the play store. Apple is fully dedicated to the whole app store revolution for the smart phone devices, this makes the iPhone extraordinary from the rest.The App store is a lot larger than the Android app store. The 700,000 apps are currently available on the Apple app store where the Android apps are combined up of different markets. The App store is the biggest advantage of iPhone over the android and you can easily search the brands and bigger name on iPhone rather than the Android app. The app store is has the more stability compare to the Android just because of Apple’s strict app approval procedure.


As the android is gaining more popularity but unable to get more stability and reliability, not capable to match iOS 6 iPhone firmwares yet. The probability of crashes or freezing is none and does not jitters the users due to its straightforward process. The android freezing problem is well known for all. Even the fresh Froyo 2.2 version of Android as also causes the freezing problem. Android is also hampered with error messages of failed processes which willy-nilly pop up at the most inappropriate times.


In media, there is no competitor of OS as it has brilliant music application, podcast and video management; reason behind its success is the iTunes store. You will get greatest range and diversity of music, films, TV shows and podcasts easily available to download for your devices where you will not get the multeity in the Android media. You can easily get the synchronisation with your computer.

Loyal Fan Foundation

The iPhone has the loyal fan foundation, and people when buy the Apple product they feel like they are the part of a unique club. Now a day you will get the latest release of iPhone in every third persons hand because of its loyal fan base no matter how expensive they are or regardless of whether they need them or not. No other company gets the lined up people to get the latest release in their hands. iPhone has the smooth touch that is not present in the Android and do not provide pettish bumps.

Ingenuity for all, people and developers

A toddler can pick up and can easily unlock the iPhone and can call a person or send the text messages. The iPhone operating system is so easy to use and navigate. You need not take any learning session, because it is very simple. Where as in Android it is bit difficult to operate than an iPhone. I have noticed many people as they struggle in unlocking the Android. The iPhone is natural that you don’t need be in tussle with the unlock system.

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Now let’s come to the developers’ side, the iPhone OS is quite easier as it they have to taste on one platform. Where as in Android developers have to taste various options and every smart phone based on different platform have different functioning. Apple provides constant releasing iOS updates having some extra features.

These were the points that make sure that the iPhone is better than the Android OS. In case of any query regarding the post, you can ask me in comments.

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4 thoughts on “How iPhone is better than Android ?

  1. Pankaj

    I am really a fan of Apple devices, especially the iPhones. But my friends suggested me buying Android based mobiles, I was confused. Then I searched online and came to read this post. After reading it, I came to know about the actual difference between two of them and which is better. Thanks to share this interesting post that helped me a lot

  2. Ravi Chahar

    Hi Archana,

    There are many operating systems but now a days Android is rocking at its best. But personally I like IOS. Apple is one of the biggest brand and people are using it. But in India people are not using it so much.
    I like the advantages you have given here.
    Great post indeed.:)
    Have a great day.

  3. Jayden James

    All facts that you have mentioned here in the above post are acceptable. However, many of us who are a proud Android users won’t agree with these facts. Being an Android user, you don’t have to get messed up all the time. You can easily get anything you want on the go. No need to do anything further, it works quickly and gets you the best results all the time. What more could a person asks for? It’s all about Android, for me!

  4. Shameem

    Hi Archana

    I agree with the points you have listed but I would like to specify that android is available in market with best and decent price but when come to iphone its big amount moreover its more security one it can’t be accessed anywhere as like android.But iphone is more professional model mobile and android will be low and high people lovable one nice share between.


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