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It’s no secret that the profession of a doctor in Russia, as, perhaps, in any other country is very much in demand. This is due to the fact that people have always been sick, and will be sick, it will not go anywhere, and only a highly qualified specialist can come to the rescue. In addition, in our time – the time of scientific discoveries – in this area cannot do without scientists, doctors. And many already even practicing doctors use medical video for study, in order to always keep in touch and keep up with progress.

Medical Education

But the payment for this truly hard work in our country, unfortunately, remains extremely small and differs sharply from the more developed countries, such as the European countries, the USA, Japan and others.

However, those wishing to work in the medical sphere in Russia do not become less, but even vice versa. This is evidenced by very high passing scores in medical universities, as well as a large competition for almost all medical faculties. Indeed, it is much more difficult to enter a medical university than, for example, a technical institute. But as the students say, it’s always easier to do than to study later.

Not everyone has the patience and diligence to brainlessly and thoroughly crammed medical disciplines, which besides are not so easy to remember and fit into your head. Sometimes such studies are delayed long after midnight. It turns out that students do not have time for almost anything even during weekends and holidays. Many do not stand such a tight schedule and are expelled already from the first year, looking for themselves in some other area where to study easier.

In addition, education in the medical university, in contrast to other institutions of higher education, the longest. Just imagine the first stage of the student to study the compulsory 5 years (in connection with the recent reform of education, as previously had to study for 6 years). Initially, all students are taught the same way, studying the most important medical disciplines, and then there is a division in the departments where the medical student studies in detail his future specialty. And after five difficult years, having obtained a diploma, a graduate is in fact nothing. In a health care institution, he cannot work as a doctor, or maybe only as a medical orderly.

A logical question arises: how come? In fact, everything is simple. After graduating from university, the graduate will be trained in the internship for a year or in the residency within two years, where he already in practice will master all the subtleties of the chosen specialty. It should also be noted that getting into residency costs quite a lot of effort, as selection in it goes through the competition, and there are very few free places. The cost of one year of training in residency costs about two hundred thousand rubles. Not everyone has the opportunity to pay for their education.

And the question arises: why? After all, getting a big salary, working as a doctor will not work, unless, of course, you work in a private clinic, which not everyone can. Why, then, invest a lot of money, if in the future they will not pay off? So often parents and friends of medical students think, and sometimes students themselves. However, they are deeply wrong. All costs pay off, though not in money, but – saved lives, which is certainly more important.

How nevertheless it is good that in our country there are still conscious and selfless people ready to endure all the hardships of training, invest in it, and having received a specialty to help the patient at any time of the day and night, often sacrificing themselves and the family and at the same time receiving modest salary. No difficulties will stop a person who wants to get medical education, if this is really his vocation.

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