New Facebook Hashtags in Your Online Marketing

Facebook Hashtags

A new commitment from Facebook to it’s zillions of users says that the search for a particular discussion or a detailed conversation on specific topics has been made easy. People have been using this tiny search command on Twitter since the very first day of its existence. And it always got mixed reviews of being relevant or misleading. But, now why Facebook would do that and bring a new feature home? Facebook has been watching the use of # tags on most of the social media platform over the years, maybe Facebook felt that its tested now and maybe its time we give a new meaning to it.

There are lot of maybes’ associated with the fact that how will it work for Facebook in the years to come, but how Facebook looks at it is the main aspect to be considered. Right now it is just being tested for the sake of its introduction to Facebook users but the ultimate goal set for it’s incorporation with the system involves benefits for Marketers and Advertisers. So to say, for a fresh start # tags can be used for searching certain discussions where they share opinions on a particular topic or anything of similar interest. The factor that Facebook felt was lacking in providing an excellent user experience is now live to be witnessed.

The Hash Stash

Long before all the facts and aspects added, Social Media was just capable of connecting people but the meaning has changed now for both social media platform and its users. A lot has been said and discussed about it and social media has developed to an extent unimaginable. Nobody knew that a tiny little # can make a difference this big. It seems to look like Facebook was missing that bit of buzz creation by providing people the easy search option which talks about latest news, gossips, celebrity conversations, networks, serious discussions etc.

The actual usage of hashtag by twitter was to let people relate tweets with events, meetings, club parties etc. but it was without any hyperlink. Later in 2009 it was hyperlinked and provided active search, now it got it’s own place as a section of trending topics on Twitter. Along with Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. now Facebook also stands in the hashy row, to compete and deliver the desired. Just type your search with a hashtag in the search bar and join a conversation of your interest because it’s too important to know what’s happening on Social Media and users should not feel left behind the times.

Facebook’s Plan to Earn Wings

Definitely Facebook thought it through before announcing hashtag as a part of it’s to do list. As a matter of fact users are wondering what’s the use of it yet there is. Facebook developed a strategic plan for getting more and more traffic although it’s user base is not at a low but to benefit advertisers and marketers, this has been developed as a plan. This # tag cat will drag a whole lot of users from others like Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and more into its social media garden, people with matching interests and similar topics to discuss and much more than thought.

The story about the aim to do so is to attract more and more investors and advertisers. Since the tags are hyper linked, advertisers can get more value for their investment with a larger audience for their brands as it’ll be now possible to access more users coming to Facebook through different social media channels. Later, advertisers can count on the #tag driven interests of it’s users and aim higher.

Time is Leverage to Success

There is nothing more to be done than to wait and watch where #tag takes Facebook to. The usage of hashtags will be a bit revolutionary at Facebook because of it’s filtering process under privacy settings, unlike Twitter where most accounts are public. This will make it crisp and more targeted. The inside story states that this is just the beginning of a great strategy planned for the mutual benefit of advertisers and Facebook itself. So, to conclude this is a long journey picked by Facebook, which will take time but grow eventually.

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