Paid Social Media Endorsement Will Work

Sure we all know about campaigns running all over the social media spaces be it Facebook, Twitter etc. and also the work around about how these ads are placed – according to relevance and preferences. While some people think that why spoil such great social platforms by doing social media endorsements, others think that it may change the way we do social media marketing. Let’s see 3 important points why some people think that this will work.

  • No Guidelines No Worries – There are no prescribed laws or guidelines stated till date which tells that you can or can’t run social media endorsement campaigns. And the fact that these guidelines are still missing we always see some serious endorsers who take it as their only job to run such campaigns and few others who might be doing this just to earn quick bucks. May be some of these people are those whom you know and some may appear few times on your timeline. The irony is that you can’t stop them from doing so even though you get to mark the post as spam, still many of them cleverly get through with it.

  • Influencer Monetizing Attempts – ‘Influencer’ here means the person who works hard and invests time in creating, curating and sharing content which is informative for readers. An Influencer does not just appear overnight, it takes lots of time and hard work. These influencers keep an eye on what’s trending and try not to play with social media as just a broadcast medium but also keep in mind that engagement with followers is necessary. This is not a joke because these influencers have got bills to pay and run a decent life. So basically we shouldn’t have no problem if they are leveraging their follower base to monetize their attempts to do social media endorsements.

  • Brands Are Taking Initiatives – Brands found out this quickly that the easiest way to reach the masses is to approach a great influencer, but before doing so brands need to do a lot of homework and run a background check on them. What is best for brands in this, is the fact that their investment in an influencer with an impressive follower base is will be much less than their spend on campaigns to be run on other medium and will still have a focused reach. So, this completely depends upon the brands whether we are going to see some sanctity on social networks. The best part about this is that these platforms are opt-in, so if you feel that the influencer is doing paid endorsements you are free to unfollow that page anytime.

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